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2 Way QRP Award


It's easy to work a station running a KW and a huge beam with your QRP, but not so easy when the other station is also running QRP. This award honors your achievements in making such 2 way QRP QSO's.

Time Frame For Qualifying QSO's:

July 1, 2005 0000Z through the present

Basic Award Premise:

Make as many 2 way QRP QSO's as possible.


50 points.
100 points.
250 points.
500 points.
1000 points.


Power: QRP
Antenna: Any

Power: QRP
Antenna: Any


Rag chew, DX, and contest QSO's are acceptable as long as you are certain that the other station is indeed running QRP. The same station can be worked more than once as long as it doesn't become a travesty where someone works their ham friend in town 20 times or anything like that.


QSO's with a NAQCC member: 2 points
QSO's with a Non-member: 1 point

QSO's with a DX NAQCC Member: 4 points
QSO's with a DX Non-member: 3 points

DX for North American operators (The U.S., Canada or Mexico) is considered as any contact outside the North American Continent, including the Caribbean. For European, South or Central American or Asian operators, DX shall be considered as any QSO involving a distance of 3,000 miles (4,828 Kilometers) or more.


Issued for each of the following categories.
250 points.
500 points.
1000 points.
A certificate sent to you via email is FREE. You may make a monetary donation, only if you wish to do so. There is no obligation to do so. If you want us to print your certificate and send it via regular mail, the fee is $3.00 per certificate.

In addition the first operator who turned in a score of 1,000 or more points - KD2MX - received a plaque free of charge. NAQCC officers were not eligible for the plaque. KD2MX was not an officer at the time he won, although he is now.


Endorsements are FREE if applied for at the time of issuing the original certificate and will be added to the certificate and listed on the web site.
If applied for later, you have the following choices which are FREE:
1. A web site listing only
2. A new certificate with the endorsement added sent via email
If you want us to print and mail a certificate with the endorsement, there is a $2.00 fee.

Some suggested endorsements include the following:
Exclusive straight key use
Indoor antenna
Homebrew or kit built gear
Single band operation
All UHF or VHF
All DX
Night Owl operation (operating exclusively between midnight and 6 a.m. local time)
Milliwatt operation (less than 1 watt)**
And whatever else you can think of! Use your imagination.

**Milliwatt operation does not have to be 2X MILLIWATT (but must be 2XQRP) and the applicant must have used milliwatt power for EVERY QSO listed in his submitted log.

Web Site Listing:

All categories will receive a listing on the web site.


Send a list with one QSO per line containing at least the following sorted in ascending order by date:
Date, Call, Band, Power, His Power.

See General Award Rules for information applying to this and all other awards.