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KMPW 100 Award


It is fairly easy to get a 1000 MPW award with the modern equipment in use nowadays. Russ N9IV wants to make it a bit harder and he suggested this award. It involves making not 1, but 100 KMPW QSO's. Even that is not all that hard in reality as I found out when I (K3WWP) checked my log to see roughly how many such QSO's I had here. I used a great circle map centered on Kittanning, PA and added up all my QSO's from countries that were entirely 5,000 miles or more from my QTH. I didn't count QSO's from countries that were partly inside the 5,000 mile distance nor those countries within 5,000 miles that I worked with less than 5 watts. Going by that premise I have 395 such QSO's, 169 of which are verified by regular QSL card. I mention the verified total because Russ believes all the QSO's should be verified. We address that in the rules below. When you work on your totals, you can find links to distance calculators here. NOTE: The mileage figures listed in the database are NOT accurate. For example, in checking my Japanese QSO's, all come up to the same exact distance there despite being in many different cities.

Time Frame For Qualifying QSO's:

No particular time frame. Any 1000MPW QSO you've ever made can be counted.

Basic Award Premise:

Make 100 QSO's in which distance(miles) / power(watts) is 1000 or greater.


A. Simple wire antennas only
B. Mix of SWA and GAIN antennas or GAIN antennas only


Power: QRP
Antenna: See Categories above

Power: Any
Antenna: Any


The power with which you initiate a QSO is the power figure that must be used in your MPW calculation. You can't start a QSO with higher power then keep lowering it to get a better MPW figure. Nor can you increase power beyond the starting power level to maintain the QSO.




Issued for 100 QSO's. A certificate sent to you via email is FREE. You may make a monetary donation, only if you wish to do so. There is no obligation to do so. If you want us to print your certificate and send it via regular mail, the fee is $3.00 per certificate.


The award may be endorsed for having all 100 QSO's verified by QSL card.

Endorsements are FREE if applied for at the time of issuing the original certificate and will be added to the certificate and listed on the web site.
If applied for later, you have the following choices which are FREE:
1. A web site listing only
2. A new certificate with the endorsement added sent via email
If you want us to print and mail a certificate with the endorsement, there is a $2.00 fee.

Web Site Listing:

Number of QSO's listed for which a certificate was issued.

An Honor Roll starting at 100 QSO's and incremented in groups of 25 QSO's after that.

Submit a log with one line per QSO containing at least the following info:
Date, Time, Call of station worked, Band, Location of station worked, Power, Distance to station worked, MPW.

See General Award Rules for information applying to this and all other awards.