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    Oct 2004
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October 31 - November 5, 2004 Get Acquainted Week

Event premise: Just to get on the air and meet other club members.

Final Results:
Call   QSO  St Prov Ctys Award                     Antenna
K4CHT   13   9   0    1  Most QSO's & states (tie) inv vee @ 20'
WU9F     9   9   0    1  Most states (tie)         hamstick
K3WWP    8   6   1    2                            ~110' attic rndm wire

K4CHT - My name is John Wright. I live in Morristown, Tennessee. My main qrp rig is a new Icom 703. Just got it on the air on Monday, November 1st so I did not get on at the start of GAW. My antenna is an inverted vee with the apex at 20 feet at the side of the house. I enjoy building qrp stuff. Having always enjoyed CW most I found out about this new club and it have all I was looking for. QRP and CW! A match made in Ham Heaven. This club has encouraged me to take time to do some operating. I just can't wait to see if I become a TURKEY! I just wished I could have worked more (in GAW) but with working 10 to 13 hours a day that week it put a cramp in operating time. But I really enjoyed each and every qso. Thanks so much for starting a GREAT club!

K3WWP - I didn't have all that much time to get in the GAW activity, but I did enjoy meeting a few members (and future members) along the way. I hope that other members were able to get some good QSO's in during the week. If you did get in the GAW, please send Tom your report and comments so we can post them here. Thanks.

WU9F - Hello, my name is Terry and I live in Madison, Wisconsin. I have been licensed since 1957 and enjoy QRP and CW. All my contacts were made using an ICOM 703 and hamsticks for the various bands. I joined NAQCC because I like the concept of the Club and hope to promote QRP/CW activities. 72 and thanks for your fun event. NAQCC #033