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    Feb 2005
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Feb 1-28, 2005 - Presidents Challenge

Event premise: To spell out "Lincoln" and/or "Washington" from letters in the calls of stations worked.

Final Results:
Call     President(s)           Endorsements
AE4Y     Lincoln/Washington     All with 80M dipole & tuner
AF4LQ    Lincoln/Washington
HB9SVT   Lincoln/Washington     All letters from call suffixes
JJ1BDX/3 Lincoln                Simple wire antenna, 3 hours, same day
JJ1BDX/3 Washington             Simple wire antenna, < 1 hour, same day
K3WWP    Lincoln/Washington     Simple wire antenna
K3WWP    Lincoln                All 80M in 29 mins in NAQCC Sprint
K3WWP    Lincoln/Washington     All European DX in the ARRL DX Contest
K3WWP    Lincoln/Washington     All with initial letter of a call
K9EW     Lincoln/Washington
KB3LFC   Washington
KI4FW    Lincoln/Washington     All with initial letter of a call
KW4JS    Lincoln/Washington     All in 2 hrs. in Spartan Sprint 2XQRP
W2LJ     Lincoln/Washington     All with Elecraft rigs
N2AUR    Lincoln/Washington     All on 20M
KA9TBU   Lincoln/Washington     All on 20M w/ HW-8, dipole, 3W

JJ1BDX/3 - Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous US Presidents in Japan, because of abolishing slavery and his "government of the people, by the people, for the people" speech in Gettysburg Address. I think people here know President Lincoln much better than President George Washington.
In Japan many stations providing JCC/JCG entities by using mobile equipments deploy nationwide on weekend afternoons (in JST). This is a good chance for a QRP station to work many stations since those mobile ops usually try very hard to pick up weak stations. I should note calling CQ by QRP and a simple wire antenna works well also.

K3WWP - These 'letter' events are really fun and challenging. It took a while to get Lincoln. Now I've got Washington also, so that didn't take too long. I'm still going to fool around and get some kinds of endorsements though since there is a lot of time left. One I'm going for is getting both Presidents in the ARRL DX Contest for a DX endorsement. (Made it!!)

W2LJ - This was a fun event! And I had it done sooner than I had realized. All contacts were made with Elecraft rigs, either my K1 or my K2. Tom, I can't wait to see what you have in mind for us for April Fool's Day!

HB9SVT - This activity made very much joy. Please excuse my bad English, I use for it a translator.

AF4LQ - Contacts are from the February Spartan Sprint, NAQCC February Sprint, FYBO, NH QSO Party, and some DX. Radios used were an OHR500 3 OHR100A's (40/30/20)and a K2. The antennas were a 130ft endfed inv-L and/or 44ft doublet. Thank you very much. Thanks also to you, John, and Larry for creating and running NAQCC and the fun events. I'm very grateful and I know many others are as well. Take care.

KI4FW - Thanks to the ARRL DX Contest, I was able to spell the names of our esteemed > chief executives using the first letter of their callsigns. How about a self-scoring competition? 1 pt. for the first letter, 2 for the second, etc. -- lowest score wins (a much more difficult feat when there's no DX contest going on).

N2AUR - Here is my entry. I tried to do it all in DX stations, but I fell short. Notes: All contacts are on 14 mhz. band. Rig is ICOM IC-703 at 5 watts. Antenna is indoor dipole.