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    Mar 2005
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Mar 1-31, 2005 - Winter-Spring Event

Event premise: To spell out "Winter" before March 20 from letters in a station's City or Town, then spell "Spring" after March 20 from letters in a ham's name.

Final Results:
Call     Endorsements                           Award
JJ1BDX   3 watts to a vertical antenna
W2LJ     All QSO's in SP and NAQCC sprints
K3WWP    None - just happy to make it - HI
N2AUR    All on 20M with a dipole in the attic  Best endorsement as judged
                                                by KB3LFC and K3WWP

W2LJ - All Winter QTH's were worked during the March Spartan Sprint. All Spring names were worked duing the March NAQCC 80 Meter Sprint. I've been making so many QSOs lately as part of "QSO a Day" that I get operating events like this done before I even know it! The challenge is to make the endorsement something a bit different. This time I was able to use QRP Sprints to get the job done.

JJ1BDX - While it was rather easy to confirm QTH with Japanese JCC/JCG expedition stations because they announce City-and-Town-level names as often as IOTA expedition stations do, finding out the operator name was much harder because you need to explicitly ask for the OP or NAME in the QSO.
I should note that some JCC/JCG expedition stations intentionally or unintentionally refused to send back the operator's name even I asked for it; the operator might have only understood his/her callsign, 5NN, and BK. This lack of general proficiency in CW among JA hams is the one I also experienced during the QSOs of JARL A1 Club QSO Party in December 2004, where exchange of the type of telegraph keys (straight key, bug key, electronic keyer, etc.) was required. During the A1 Club QSO Party, some presumably-higher-class operators in the 30m band didn't understand my request, possibly because of lack of English proficiency (some operators sent it back in Katakana/Wabun Morse code which was very hard for me to decipher immediately), or lack of the general CW proficiency.
So those who have hard time to submit your logs for this Winter-Spring event, you should be proud of yourself about the fact that at least you have the basic skills and proficiency to actually communicate in CW, in "International" Morse Code.

K3WWP - I MADE IT!!!!! With time running out and a very busy schedule the last part of March I didn't think I'd complete this event. However this evening (29th) I caught a Phil working Peter QSO, and the P was the last letter I needed, so I sat there and waited till their QSO was over - something I very seldom ever do. Peter got called by his XYL and had to QRT, so I called Phil, W2PL and he came back to me and I breathed a sigh of relief. Now in a couple days I can start working on the April event. It may be a bit tough also, at least for the first part of April when my busy schedule will continue.

N2AUR - I was in a full blown panic over the "G" until I realized I had overlooked Jorge! Great events - keep them coming!