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    Jun 2005
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June Field Day Challenge

Call    States                               Antenna
N4UW    39 - AL AR CA CO CT FL GA IA IL IN   80m inv vee on top
             KS KY LA MA MD ME MI MN MO MS   of Smoky Mts!
             NC NE NH NJ NM NY OH OK PA RI
             SC SD TN TX VA VT WA WI WV
WN4OAA  35 - HI MD MI TN IA LA MO IL OR TX   vert & 160M horiz vee
             NY VA AL OH MS CA WA KS WY CO
             NM IN NC FL MN NH WI VT ME NV
             MA OK PA RI NJ
K7ZYV   33 - MO PA TX IL MN NJ KS MD VA GA   g5rv @ ?
             MS TN AR OH WV CO RI MA NY LA
             FL WA ME MI WI AZ NH VT CT AL
             KY NC CA
W2AGN   32 - AL CA CO CT FL GA IA IL IN KY   100' doublet
             MA MD MI MN MO MS NC NH NJ NM
             NV NY OH OK PA RI TN TX VA VT
             WI WV
AF4LQ   31 - AL AR CO CT FL GA IA IL KS MA   40m ef zepp @ 30'
             MD MI MN MO MS NC NH NJ NY OH
             OK PA RI SC TN TX VA VT WI WV
K2EKM   23 - AL OR WA KY IL CO CA MN GA IN   88' doublet at 20'
             IA AR AZ TX MO MA RI OH VA TN
             MI PA NY
W2LJ    21 - MO MS NM IL AL IN FL WV TX CO   hmbw pac-12
             KY IA NC VA WI OH CA AR MN MI
K3WWP   20 - AL FL GA IA MN MS VA NJ MD NY   ~110' attic rnd wire -
             RI IL NH CT CO IN NC MA MI KY   20M attic dipole
NU7T    15 - ??                              ??


K3WWP - FD is not one of my favorite contests, so I only got in to get my 20 states for the NAQCC challenge. I only worked 20 stations and it took about 1 hour and 50 minutes. Most of that time was spent hunting for the states as I had to listen till they worked someone else to get their state before I called. I could have had many more QSO's in that time, especially from FL, MN and AL on 20M. I might fool around in FD later tonight or tomorrow again, but no serious effort now that I've achieved my goal.

AF4LQ - Didn't get anywhere near the operating time I would have liked to have done this FD, about 4-5 hours maybe, total. Worked mostly 40m with a couple of quick passes across 20/15. Highlight was working WY late Sunday before I shut down. Radio was a K2 at 5W to a 40m endfed Zepp at 30ft.

NU7T - Yes, this was a challenge. I worked only 15 states (SPC). But, the area in square miles worked, was more than twice the size of the USA East of the Rocky Mountains. The USA contains 3.6 million square miles. The area I worked was greater than 2 million square miles. hi hi Now I feel better.

W2LJ - I was running as 1B NNJ this year - 1B Battery. I was backyard portable using the K1 on battery power and my antenna was hombrewed PAC-12 antenna. The PAC-12 worked better than I expected - it absolutely rocked on 20 Meters. If anyone wants the URL to see what the PAC-12 is about and for instructions on how to build one - go to:

K2EKM - Here's my submission for the FD Challenge. Worked FD from home this year for a bit late Saturday afternoon/early evening. I usually go out with a group to West Virginia for FD, but not this year as I'm still not fully recovered from the hip surgery in April, so stayed home. It's certainly not the same as getting out in the open, which is what FD is really about. Thought I'd get the entry in early, as I don't plan on being very active this year. Just not as much fun from the base station! Well, as John said, at least we worked our ~20 states!

The rules are very simple. Get into the ARRL Field Day event and work 20 different STATES or more. Operation can be from home or out in the field.

Any and all bands can be used. All QSO's must be 2 way CW. You must be running QRP. The other station may be running QRO.

Only contacts made by you personally count. That is, if you are part of a multi-op FD setup, contacts made by other team members do not count - even if your call letters are used for the multi-op setup.

The Challenge runs from 1800Z on June 25th through 2100Z on June 26th.

All who accomplish the challenge will be listed on the club web site.

LOGS: Simply send a list of the states you worked in the contest along with what type of antenna(s) you used. Send to: KB3LFC

E-mail: pix_email_wy3h (1K) You must type that address into your email program. No attachments - keep the log in the body of the message.

Postal mail: Tom Mitchell, KB3LFC, RD6 Box 122A, Kittanning, PA 16201
All entries must be postmarked or email dated before Jul 10, 2005.

June VHF/UHF Challenge

Call      QSO's  Bnd-Stns
K4CHT       5       5
JJ1BDX/3    1       1

JJ1BDX/3 - I had a chance to test my recently set up collinear GP for 2m/70cm. Here most of the bands were jammed with illegal truckers, but some people are still there to work on CW, especially on Wabun (Japanese Katakana) Morse code. KCWA (Kyoto CW Association) holds weekly CW Net on 144.09MHz CW at 9:30pm Japan time (1230UTC) every tuesday, and I was fortunate enough to work the Net control station.
For Kenji, JJ1BDX/3 (NAQCC #517) running 3W PEP using IC-706mkIIG and 1/2-lambda (approx. 1 meter-length) GP at 15 meters above the ground (actually the antenna works as 2-stage 5/8-lambda collinear array for 70cm, 1/2-lambda GP for 2m; does it fall on "the simple wire antenna" category? I hope it would):
28-JUN-2005 1257UTC 2M (144.09MHz) CW with JL3ROS (Ikeda-san) from Toyonaka City, Osaka to Kyoto City, Kyoto Japan distance: 45 kilometers or approx. 30 miles
I've been quite busy working for my new job, but I'm happy to say that some CW advocates are still enjoying QSOs in Japan. I also worked another station on 70cm (around 430.087MHz or so) with JO3FUO (my another callsign for up-to-100W-PEP fixed operation) QRO (20W) settings, but I should say QRP works very well when direct-wave propagation is effective between the two stations. If I could work on 6m (now I cannot due to lack of antenna), I would have worked many more stations. Oh well :-)
Usually now I show up on 20m CW as JO3FUO looking for North America using monoband vertical dipole, but I sometimes still enjoy QRP, CW, and obviously with a simple antenna.

K4CHT - The vhf bands were a challenge! Not much cw activity on. But I enjoyed it! Oh by the way rig was mfj 9406 at 5 watts an dipole antenna.

The rules are very simple. Make as many 2 way CW QSO's on the VHF/UHF bands as you can. You must use QRP power levels. The station you work can use any power.

The Challenge runs from 0000Z on Jun 1st through 2400Z on Jun 30th.

All who make 1 or more QSO's will be listed on the web site. A certificate will be issued to the one working the most different band-stations. That is, working the same station one or more times on the same band counts as one band-station, while working the same station on 2, 3, 4, etc. bands counts for 2, 3, 4, etc. band-stations.

LOGS: List one line for each QSO containing date, time, band, call. Send to: KB3LFC

E-mail: pix_email_wy3h (1K) You must type that address into your email program. No attachments - keep the log in the body of the message.

Postal mail: Tom Mitchell, KB3LFC, RD6 Box 122A, Kittanning, PA 16201
All entries must be postmarked or email dated before Jul 10, 2005.