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    Jul 2005
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July 30/30 Challenge

Final Results:
Call      QSO's   Award
NT4XT      61      1st
K9TJL      45
K3WWP      37
K2EKM      32
K4CHT      31

Since only 5 logs were submitted, only 1 certificate will be issued.

K3WWP - I figured this Challenge would be rough with 30M conditions being very poor for most of the day except for a couple good hours in the evening. And it was rough, but I reached my 30th QSO on the 18th of the month, so it is not an impossible challenge by any means. For those who have the time to spend a few hours each day on the band it would be a very easy challenge to complete. I don't have that kind of time anymore, and still I made it. The bottom line to this Soapbox comment is that I expect LOTS of you to have met the challenge, and I hope to see a long listing of results here. Oh, I don't plan to stop at 30. I'm just posting my 30 here to show it can be done. I'll probably end up somewhere in the low 40's as an estimate. Well-would you believe (ala Maxwell Smart) 37?

K2EKM - Really had doubts about making this one, as I could only operate during 16 days this month. Luckily 30 was in better shape this past weekend, so was able to snap the remaining ones. The band seemed very noisy most of the time this month- yes, this one was a real challenge, and I felt like I accomplished something this time!

NT4XT - Challenges like this are important for me. They help me remember and re-discover that QRP DOES WORK, and that by and large, 5W is only 2 S-Units down from 80W in many cases. Perhaps in all cases, but when conditions are poor, 2 S-Units is in the noise, LOL. So I am lucky to have happened across John, K3WWP on 30m July 7. My 30/30 Challenge Q number 1. Were it not for that I would have never known about the 30/30! (That's why our members must check the web site regularly and/or subscribe to our newsletter. This challenge had been posted on the web site long before July 1 - K3WWP) Thanks for turning me onto it, John, what a super idea! I was in a somwhat creative mood that evening and so, I decided I would make a personal challenge within this challenge. My Personal 30/30 Challenge, was:
1. Make as many as possible but not count any duplicate 30m QRP Q's for the month of July, the first Q starting with K3WWP.
2. Keep the total ratio of QSOs between Domestic (US and VE) and DX at 50 percent or better.
When August arrived 32 of the 61 QSO's counted were DX! Mission accomplished. This turned out to truly be a challenge. A few times I had to wait to catch DX before continuing. Rig used was a Pegasus at 5W, and an 80m OCF dipole up 35', one end dangles 34' vertically, the end suspended a few inches or sometimes touching the 2'x2' ground screen below it. (the wire and the end is insulated, hi- it's the only way I could make it fit well enough).

July 30/30 Challenge

The rules are very simple. Make at least 30 QSO's on 30M operating QRP/CW. The stations you contact do not need to be using QRP, but of course they must be using CW.

The Challenge runs from 0000Z on July 1st through 2400Z on July 31st.

All who accomplish the challenge will be listed on the web site. Certificates will be issued depending on the number of entries (an entry means someone achieving at least 30 QSO's) based on the following:

0-2 entries - No certificates
3-5 entries - A certificate to the entrant making the most QSO's
6-10 entries - A certificate to the two entrants making the most QSO's
More than 10 entries - A certificate to the three entrants making the most QSO's

LOGS: We'll put you on your honor this month. Just tell us how many qualifying QSO's you made according to the above rules. Send to KB3LFC at:

E-mail: pix_email_wy3h (1K) You must type that address into your email program. No attachments - keep the log in the body of the message.

Postal mail: Tom Mitchell, KB3LFC, RD6 Box 122A, Kittanning, PA 16201
All entries must be postmarked or email dated before 2400Z on Aug 10, 2005.