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    Aug 2005
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Final Results:
Call      Finished on    Stations worked
K3WWP     8/2 @ 2043Z    17 - K4LTA WN1B K5PTC K7TD K2EKM FP/K9OT K3NG
                         K3HX WA8REI K9TJL N9KR AF4LQ VE3ORU K0KES W2JLK
                         ON5SY K3MZ
AF4LQ     8/2 @ ??       18 - K4BAI K8CV WD9F KE0G K8KFJ K5JHP WA8REI
                         KW4JS VE3ELA/M KD5MJJ VA3NR W8YMO K4PQC K4LTA
                         KM0U K3WWP WA8BXN K3MZ
W2LJ      8/2 @ 1747Z    12 - WA8BXN KB3LFC W2NED WB1GHA K6III K8KFJ
                         W8YMO K3WWP K7TQ K4WJS VE3EUR K4OZF
JJ1BDX/3  8/3 @ 1306Z    15 - RK6YYA/0 JA6FOF FW5ZL JG0MWU JA2BVS K4EWG
                         JA8DEB RK3NWA JA6ECF/1 DU6/DK6PD UA0FAI JA7IUX
                         HS0ZBS DS5UST 7K3QPL
K3WWP (1)                N0AV WJ9B N4CW VY2/KD4D AD4EB K4FXN WK2G KB1H
                         W9IU W1JQ NA4K WW4LL W4MYA W4NZ WO4O N4PN K4QPL
                         KT0R NY1S WD0T W0UO N7VM W9WI N0XM N4YDU N4ZZ
K3WWP (2)                W4MYA AD4EB N2NC VY2/KD4D W9RE KK0HF K9MUG KB1H
                         W9WI N6MJ NA4K WW4LL W4PM N4PN WO4O VE3KP N9CIQ
                         KT0R K9MMS N0AT N4YDU N0AV W4ZW K9WX K0RAY N4ZZ
AF4LQ (3)                K5KA K5BG K5CW KB3HBD N2ED N6NF K5BG KK0HF N5II
                         W5KDJ W6TK K4QPL KA8MPT NA0N N5PO P4/K9GY N5QQ
                         N6RO NY1S KT0K K3AU VA3NR K4WW W3NX W6YX N6ZZ
K2EKM (4)                K4BAI K4BAI W3KC KB3HBD K3ESE DM3EF K3NG W2SH
                         K4BAI W2LJ K3WWP W2LJ W5JBV/M K3NG YO9WF K3WWP
                         K4PQC VA3NR WN1BSP K3TW K4UK VA3NR K3WWP DA3X
                         YO9WF SQ6Z
KB3HBD    8/23 @ 2154Z   11- AE4DT W8PBO WA8RC W4WFB KI4GUP K4CMH K4NVJ
                         AF4LQ WI2X W2YYS K9ZT
NU7T                     18- AC7AF VE7CBU KC7NBM WA5HDL VE7OM KG7A N1WH
                         W6ZI W6CJ WA0JLY K7ON W7KPL N7QT K5RSJ WA7OSQ
                         W3FT K4SX K1HZ

(1) First letter of suffix in NAQP
(2) Last letter of suffix in NAQP
(3) All from NAQP and NAQCC Sprint
(4) All from sprints and contests
Soapbox: K3WWP - I figured I'd wrap this up in the NAQP on the 6th, but my first QSO of the month gave me 5 of the letters (FP/K9OT) so I hung around that first evening and got 17 letters, added 8 more in the Spartan Sprint, and then got my needed "Y" from ON5SY the afternoon of the 2nd. So it's going to be a very easy challenge, and I hope many of you are taking part and plan to send us your results. With 29 days left, maybe I'll fool around and try to do the alphabet a few more times in different ways.
+++Well I did. As I sat and had fun in the NAQP (one of my favorite contests) I kept track of the first and last letters of each station's suffix and made two more alphabets. Some stations with single letter suffixes were used for both the first and last letters, but they were different QSO's on different bands. Interestingly the last of the 52 QSO's was with a 'P' at the end of the call. Now if I could have worked myself...... HI

AF4LQ - RIG/ant used was a Noracl 40A at 2 watts to a 40mtr endfed Zepp. All calls were worked during the August Spartan Sprint.
+++The first time around was pretty easy using multiple letters from same calls so I decided to try it another way, encouraged by K3WWP's fine second effort, using only one letter per call. All calls except two were from the NAQP contest and the other two were from the August NAQCC Sprint.

JJ1BDX/3 - It's nice to know my current 20m-only QRP CW setting works well on DXing as well as on local (JA, East Asia and Asia-Pacific) QSOs. I should note I also earned / (stroke) and 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 numbers from the callsigns of the Challenge; including numbers and stroke letter would be a good candidate for another NAQCC challenge.

W2LJ - I worked 12 Stations to get the whole alphabet. Eleven of the twelve were worked during the Spartan Sprint on Monday evening. These were gotten using my K2 to a G5RV. The next afternoon, I worked K4OFZ during lunchtime at work to get "Z". I used my K1 and a Hamstick on top of my Ford Explorer to snag that last needed call. So I officially finished on August 2nd at 1747 UTC

K2EKM - Made qso's to meet the alphabet challenge during sprints or contests. Last one was the WAEDX contest. Was really hard running qrp during this contest, as most stations never heard me. Hope this isn't a harbinger of things to come with qrp and the declining conditions! Probably was just condx this weekend. Antenna was 88ft doublet up 20 feet. Rig a Ten-Tec Argonaut V at 5 watts.

KB3HBD - I worked 10 of the 11 calls during the August Sprint and got the last one, "Y", yesterday. Rig was MFJ 9040 at 5 watts, antenna was G5RV up 35 ft.

NU7T - My last letter, X, was the tough one. After searching the bands for hours and calling stations with an X, K4SX finally acknowledged my signal. Another X station heard me but didn't have time. Four of the stations had Qs. I had not paid attention, but there are more calls with Zs than I would have imagined, if I were to think about it. Therein lies another "Challenge".

The Alphabet Challenge

Collect all 26 letters of the alphabet from the call letters of stations you work in August. You can get more than one letter from a call sign. For example KB3LFC would give you 5 different letters, K3WWP would give you 3. Of course all QSO's must be 2XCW, and you must be running QRP. The station you work can be running any power level.

The Challenge runs from 0000Z on August 1st through 2400Z on August 31st.

All who accomplish the challenge will be listed on the web site.

It might be interesting to see how few stations you need to work to get the alphabet. Also how quickly you can accomplish the challenge. Let us know of these and/or other interesting ways of doing it.

LOGS: Send a list with the 26 letters and the callsign from which you got each letter. Send to KB3LFC at:

E-mail: pix_email_wy3h (1K) You must type that address into your email program. No attachments - keep the log in the body of the message.

Postal mail: Tom Mitchell, KB3LFC, RD6 Box 122A, Kittanning, PA 16201
All entries must be postmarked or email dated before Sep 10, 2005.