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    Dec 2005
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The NAQCC 12 Days Of Christmas Challenge


Call     RagChews with:          Endorsement:
K3WWP    KJ2M   12/20 0009-0041  All with indoor antenna
         W1PID  12/24 0022-0055
         WB2FXK 12/25 0029-0104
         KU3G   12/26 0009-0043
         N9FGC  12/26 1728-1802
         KB3LFC 12/26 1802-1841
KI4DEF   WA5TCZ 12/23 0658-0743  All 40M
         W3HVQ  12/24 0159-0254
         WA8KOQ 12/25 1736-1811
         AB8EL  12/27 1403-1434
         KB3JAR 12/27 1444-1534
         KB3JAR 12/28 1457-1540

K2EKM    KW3U   12/27 1712-1744  All 2X SK
         N4QA   12/28 1558-1634
         WB2HBC 12/28 1837-1936
         KC8WYR 12/29 1503-1542
         N2HU   12/29 1855-1931
         K8DJF  12/29 2100-2139

KB3LFC   N1GKE  12/25 0011-0105  QSO's from 6 different states
         N1EP   12/26 0132-0202
         K3WWP  12/26 1802-1841
         KB3JAR 12/27 2113-2155
         K8JRO  12/28 0211-0242
         KG4IUQ 12/29 2233-2310
NU7T     No list
Soapbox: K3WWP - I seriously doubted I could conquer this challenge because it came at such a busy time of year for me. However I ran into 6 hams who had the 'gift of gab' and stuck it out with them for 6 very enjoyable rag chews. It's so nice to really talk to someone beyond just telling the other guy what rig you're using and what weather you're having. Anyway I hope this year's rag chew event proves to be even more popular than last year's "5" event. Looking forward to adding a lot more results and soapbox comments here.

KI4DEF - Here's my log for the 12 Days of Christmas challenge. This was a lot of fun, as was last New Year's "5" event. A bit more of a challenge, I believe, due to the timing. As with John K3WWP, I wasn't sure I would make it. The days before Christmas and the first night of Hanukkah were very busy with family goings-on. During those days, most OMs seemed to be in a hurry, and most of my QSOs were short and sweet, with only a couple of rag chews. But then after Christmas it seems like more OMs were relaxing and more receptive to a rag chew. As chance would have it, my last two were even with the same OM--very appropriate, I think, as he is the guy with whom I have had more QSOs than any other (10 so far in my two years operating). I was hoping to be able to send you an entry for the "2-way QRP" award by the end of the year, but I still have a ways to go (I'm up to 209 points). I am glad you guys decided to extend it--I should get there in the next several months. I am also working on the "Worked Club Members" award--that one is also going well, with 172 points (71 members) so far. I hope other members are also working on these awards. C'mon guys--John needs some more company on the winners list, and he still has the challenge out for clean sweep #2! So thanks for all you do to support QRP and keep NAQCC going. I wish you and your families all the best for a happy and healthy new year!

K2EKM - All qsos were with a straight key (in both directions). Seems like many are warming up for SKN. Some very interesting conversations, and some really fantastic fists out there! Happy New Year to all.

KB3LFC - I must say this Challenge was a lot of fun although this time of year was particularly busy workwise. Nevertheless, I did manage to chalk up my six rag chews. The one with Phil, N1EP, was particularly difficult due to heavy QRN but I have to give Phil a lot of credit for hanging in here under rough copy conditions. My last rag-chew QSO was with Mark, KG4IUQ and we fought rather heavy SSB QRM during much of the QSO. I must add that I have been trying to get DE and RI for more than a year and a half and finally got them in this challenge. Who said Chanukah isn't a time of miracles! I ran 5 watts on 40 Meters and 4 Watts on 80. My antenna was a 250-foot hunk of No. 18 insulated wire about 22-feet up. I also used my old Russian Army surplus straight key and MFJ tuner. And as a "PS" I "almost" had a rag chew with KB3JWD who was running 500mw from his Rock Mite. I lost Jim in the heavy QRN/QRM after about 10 minutes. What was also interesting, although I didn't plan it that way, was that I got QSO's from 6 different states. Looking foward to working some members and fellow QRPers on Straight Key Night. Best 72/71 to all

This is a re-hatch of our popular Christmas/New Year's Challenge of last year. To honor the upcoming year of 2006, we want you to make 6 rag chew QSO's of 30 minutes or more. All QSO's must be 2XCW, and you must be running QRP, but the station you work can be running any power level. The QSO's must take place during the last 12 days of 2005, i.e. between Dec 20 at 0000Z and Dec 31 at 2400Z.

Submit a list of the QSO's including start and end time of QSO's before the deadline. All who complete the challenge will be listed on the web site. The first 6 to complete the challenge and report their results will receive a certificate. You may also tell us of any special way you did the challenge and we'll list that on the web site. For example, all QSO's made using a straight key or all 2 way QRP, and so on.

Send to KB3LFC at:

E-mail: pix_email_wy3h (1K) You must type that address into your email program. No attachments - keep the log in the body of the message.

Postal mail: Tom Mitchell, KB3LFC, RD6 Box 122A, Kittanning, PA 16201
All entries must be postmarked or email dated before Jan 10, 2006.