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    Sep 2006
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The NAQCC Newcomer Challenge

Final Results:

K3WWP (Old-timer) 3 Points - OT winner

KD2MX (Newcomer) 2 Points - Newcomer winner


K3WWP - As usual, I didn't have all that much time to pursue this challenge. I worked two hams in the 40M Novice band and one other ham who returned to CW 10 months ago after a long absence.

KD2MX - Not much time this month for the challenge but I did enjoy a couple of nice long ragchews up in the Novice segment of 40M. I am a new newcomer to CW as I had no CW qsos between July 6, 1972 and Oct. 27,2005. But cw is like riding a bike, you don't forget it. Since I never held a Novice license, I've spent the last year catching up on that lost cw experience. I'm very disappointed that we only got two reports for this month's challenge. It certainly is a shame that more effort wasn't made to work newcomers. Perhaps everyone was in the same boat as I was and just didn't have the time. That is understandable, but if someone did have plenty of time and didn't participate, that I don't understand.

This is a repeat of our Newcomer challenge of last year with a few modifications of the rules. Basically we want you to concentrate on working those who are new to CW to encourage them in using this wonderful mode.

Sep 1, 2006 0000Z through Sep 30, 2006 2400Z

For this challenge there are two categories:

1. Anyone who has started using CW since January 1, 2002.
1a. Anyone returning to CW since January 1, 2002 after having not used it at all since before January 1, 1976.
2. Anyone under the age of 25.

Anyone not fitting in the newcomer category.

Any QSO between a NEWCOMER and OLD-TIMER counts one point.

Any QSO between any two hams that takes place in the Novice segment of a band counts one point. Even a QSO between two OLD-TIMERS. This to encourage CW operating in the Novice segments to try to preserve those segments as a haven for those new to CW.

You may work the same station multiple times, but please no schedules just to run up your score.

You must use QRP and the other station can be using any power.

A certificate goes to the one in each category who makes the most points.

Anyone submitting a report gets a Participation Point and a web listing. You must make at least 1 qualifying QSO.

For your report, list the QSO's (at least date, station, band) you made in two sections and your total points. Cross category QSO's (NEWCOMER working OLD-TIMER) and those you worked in the Novice segments. List a QSO only once. That is, a cross category QSO in the Novice segment can be listed in either section, but not both.

Please preface any soapbox comments with "SOAPBOX:" so we will know what you want posted and what is private.

Send your results to KB3LFC at:

E-mail: pix_email_wy3h (1K)

You must type that address into your email program.

Subject must read: (your call) NAQCC (month) Challenge

For example: K3WWP NAQCC June Challenge

No attachments - keep the log in the body of the message.

Postal mail:
Tom Mitchell, KB3LFC
RD6 Box 122A
Kittanning, PA 16201

All entries must be postmarked or email dated before Oct 10, 2006.