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    Dec 2007
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The NAQCC Keep 80 CW Alive Challenge - Dec 2007

Final Results:

Call - # Of QSO's - # of SK QSO's - Stations








VE3HUR -  4 -  ? - 

K0MDS  -  4 -  ? - W8AW,WI9X,N0TU,W4APH

NU7T   -  3 -  0 - K7QXG,W6JEO,AB8EL

KD2MX  -  2 -  2 - K2JT,AB8FJ

W2JEK  -  1 -  1 - W2MJN

W5MKT  -  1 -  1 - N5ZG

Certificate winners: K3WWP, N9AKF
Bug/paddle handles drawing winner: KU4A

Soapbox: N1LU - Couldn't dedicate a lot of time to challenge, but when I did, the 80 M band was generally terrible. Between the poor propogation, natural QRN, and S8 QRN from my oil burner, there wasn't much room for signals to get through.

K4PBY - Ragchewing on cw is one of my favorite ham radio activities and I had a great time with this challenge. 4 of my 16 qualifying qso's were with fellow qrp'ers. My longest qso (1 hour) was also 2 way qrp with W4HAY, Frank in Bristol Tennessee.

K3WWP - I wanted to get an average of one per day or a total of 31, but then the last week came with poor conditions and much to do and I wound up with only 26. All but one with my homebrew Straight Key or my tiny Morse Express Key. At least 8 were 2XQRP. I guess my longest distance one was N0NBD in Kansas (2XQRP). The longest time I see in my log is 36 minutes with WB9VRP in the 1AM EST hour. 80 was really good and steady at that hour. I had a couple of late night rag chews like that.

AA1TJ - The transmitters were all homebrew: Vermont Snowflake at 18mW; Two transistor 2N35/2N35 "1950's Retro" at 45mW; G3MY's "Pippin" at 250mW. The receiver was a homebrew, three transistor, direct-conversion type without audio filtering. Had a great time! Mike

N9AKF - The first two weeks of the month were great on 80 meters. Signals were strong and plentiful. Conditions for the rest of the month got progressively worse, and contacts became more difficult. I had a great time, as I really enjoy a good rag chew. My QSO time averaged about 20 minutes, with two QSOs of about 45 minutes. Five QSOs were 2xQRP. Bart

W2JEK - wanted to get on more but this was a very busy month for our family. but at least i got one qso on 80m for the challenge. hope conditions improve soon. happy new year and 73. don younger w2jek #1135

KB4QQJ - As 80 is my least friendly band due to local QRN and only a homebrew vertical antenna, I wasn't disipointed at all. I gave it a good heave ho and had a grand ole time. I had many good qso's and even a special event station that was on break and just wanted to chat and tell me all about the event. If we ever do one of these on 40, look out... I had 76 qso's in December over 20 minutes! I miss the January challenge due to a special event operation in Jan so other than the sprints, I'll be back for the Feb Challenge. 73 de Randy KB4QQJ # 2086

W5MKT - Not a lot of operating time this month (newborn twins and holidays, etc.). Managed one QRP ragchew on 80m though even though my antenna is a meager performer on 80. Dave #1790

KD2MX - The month really flew by. The few times I had a chance to try for a leisurely QSO, band conditions were terrible. Before I knew it, it was December 30/31. I had straight key night one day early and enjoyed two pleasant QSOs.

As you know, one year ago the FCC dealt a severe blow to the use of CW on 80 meters. They essentially restricted the use of CW to the lower 60 or so kHz of 80 meters by opening up 3600-4000 to phone operation. This forced the digital stations to use 3600 down to 3560 or so leaving just 'the back of the bus' for us discriminated against CW operators. In the evenings with all the CW traffic nets crammed into that narrow segment, it is very hard to hold regular QSO's without interfering with, or being interfered with by, traffic nets. We have nothing against traffic nets - they are an essential part of ham radio. What we object to is their being forced into a narrow segment of 80 meters. We at NAQCC want to fight back in a small way by challenging our members (and non-members are welcome too) to occupy this narrow segment so we don't lose any more ground on 80 meters. How? Just get on the air and make as many 15 minute or longer QSO's on 80 meters as possible this month.

Dec 1, 2007 0000Z through Dec 31, 2007 2400Z

Get on 80 meters and make QSO's lasting 15 minutes or longer.

You must use QRP and the other station can be using any power.

You may count a maximum of 3 QSO's with the same station toward the award below. This to discourage simply making skeds with one station to run up your totals.

A certificate goes to the member making the most qualifying QSO's overall and the member making the most qualifying QSO's using strictly a straight key. If that is the same member, the member with the second most SK QSO's gets the second certificate.

A set of beautiful bug or paddle handles. These pieces are wonderfully hand crafted and donated by Gregg, WB8LZG. To see what they look like check them out here.

Every member who earns a participation point as outlined in the next section is eligible to win the prize. A list of those eligible will be sent to Gregg, WB8LZG who will select a winner in a random drawing. A member can only win one set of paddles after which they become ineligible for future drawings. At Gregg's request, NAQCC officers at their discretion are also eligible for all his bug/paddle handle prizes. If you do not wish to be entered in the drawing for any reason, let us know when you submit your report. For example, some members only use a straight key and would have no use for bug/paddle handles.

Anyone submitting a report gets a Participation Point and a web listing. You must make and report at least one 15 minute 80M QSO.

For your report, simply tell us how many qualifying QSO's you made. You may also include comments about your month or about the sad state of affairs on 80M.

Please preface any comments you want posted with "SOAPBOX:" so we will know what you want posted and what is private.

Send your results to pix_email_naqcc (1K)

You must type that address into your email program.

Subject must read: (your call) NAQCC (month) Challenge

For example: K3WWP NAQCC December Challenge

Postal mail:
Tom Mitchell, WY3H
210 Garretts Run Rd.
Kittanning, PA 16201

All entries must be RECEIVED before Jan 10, 2008 at 2359Z.