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    Oct 2008
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The N3A Challenge


Call - Operated a N3A/# station and made at least one QSO
     - Certificates to all
K3WWP (N3A/3)
KD2MX (N3A/2)
W1OH (N3A/1)
KC2EGL (N3A/3)
K1YAN (N3A/1)
WY3H (N3A/3)

Call - Worked an N3A/# station (diff. stns wkd)
K3WWP (7)
W1OH (4)
KC2EGL (4)
K4PBY (4) Non-N3A op making the most QSO's with N3A stations certificate
N9AKF (3)
W2JEK (3)
W9ILF (2)
VE3HUR (2)
K1YAN (2)
KU4A (1)
N8XMS (1)

K3WWP - I had a ball on both ends of the N3A stick, operator, and 'worker'. Although conditions were poor for our big co-operative event with FISTS, it was still a delight to make at least the 12 QSO's that I did to help celebrate not only the fourth anniversary of the NAQCC, but the fourth anniversary of the great friendship between FISTS and the NAQCC. After the FISTS sprint was over, I switched gears and got into the PA QSO Party where I gave out 214 N3A/3 QSO's. Adding in 90 more QSO's in the QRP ARCI contest and 87 non-contest QSO's gave me 403 N3A/3 QSO's for the month. As K3WWP it was my pleasure to work 7 different N3A/# stations. I missed out on the 6, 7, 0 call areas. Except for the fact I'll be a year older then, I'm looking forward to doing this all again in October 2009.

W9ILF - I was hoping to catch at least one N3A station though I missed the FISTS sprint. I did find N3A/4 during the ARCI event. The best however was hearing John K3WWP calling when I was on my lunch break driving to the bank. I use a MFJ 9040 in the car to a hamstick. A two way QRP qso while mobile is always exciting but it was especially nice with John as the special event station. The bands must be getting better!!! Thanks to all the N3A stations for your activity. I hope to find more of you next year.

N9AKF - I just want to say thank you to all of the N3A operators for giving your time. I had fun and enjoyed making the contacts. I'm sure I could have made more had time permitted. Bart

W2JEK - made all of my qso's on 80m, a sign of where we are in the solar cycle. hope to get more next year. 72 and 73 don younger w2jek #1135

K4PBY - Congradulations to the club on it's 4th anniversary and thanks to the many fb N3A ops.

W1OH - I really enjoyed operating as N3A/1 on about half the days in October, plus finding N3A/2, N3A/3, N3A/5, and N3A/8 under my home call. Too bad the higher bands weren't much use this October; I made only handful of contacts on 30M and 20M during my N3A/1 ops, but just over 100 contacts on 40M and 80M. Hope next year brings some life to 20M or higher! I'll be back!

KC2EGL - I was looking forward to operating N3A much more than I was able to. I had to tend to a family emergency in New York City for the first half of the month. When I returned to Pa I had to catch up on everything that had piled up while I was away. I did have a lot of fun operating with the limited time I did have. I did have a rough time operating N3A/3 during the SKCC monthly sprint. The conditions here were terrible that night. (just like for our NAQCC sprint - K3WWP) I was only able to scratch up one QSO in the two hour slot. I hope to have much more time next year for our next anniversary event. 73 Mike

N8XMS - I managed to work every N3A station that I heard but unfortunately that was only N3A/2 during the SKCC weekend sprint! I used a straight key made from a hacksaw blade. It worked OK but was a little bit mushy. (K3WWP - Looks like Paul is ready for our November sprint with the special award being given to someone using a homebrew straight key)

Work (or have signed up and operate) our 4th anniversary special event call of N3A.

Oct 1, 2008 0000Z through Oct 31, 2008 2400Z

Simply work or operate our special event call in October. If you want to operate it, you must have signed up previously.

Of course all QSO's must be 2X CW and you must be using QRP power. Exception - if you are applying as an operator and the only station(s) you worked were QRO.

N3A/1 - W1OH (MA), K1YAN (MA)
N3A/2 - N2JNZ (NY), W9VES (NJ), KD2MX (NJ)
N3A/3 - WY3H (PA), K3WWP (PA), AF3Z (PA), AE3J (DE), KC2EGL (PA)
N3A/4 - K4UK (VA), KB4QQJ (NC), AA4W (FL), W4ONC (VA)
N3A/5 - W5TM (OK), AE5BH (TX), WA5TCZ (LA)
N3A/6 - K6BBQ (CA)
N3A/7 - KH6OZ (MT), WY7N (UT)
N3A/8 - WB8LZG (MI), K8KFJ (WV), KB2FEL (WV)
N3A/9 - K9JWI (IN), AI4AW (WI)
N3A/0 - AB0TX (KS)

See the N3A page for certificate/QSL info.

For the challenge, all the N3A operators listed above in the results will receive a certificate, and the non-N3A operator who contacts the most different N3A/# stations (maximum 10) will get a certificate.

Simply work (or operate) N3A and report your results for a web listing and Participation Point.

NOTE: this info applies ONLY to the challenge results. If you worked the station and want a certificate and/or QSL for that, see the N3A page.

Operators just report how many QSO's you made using N3A/#. Those who contact N3A/#, report how many different N3A/# stations you contacted. YOU MUST TELL US you satisfied the challenge. It is not automatic just because you worked or operated N3A.
You may also include comments about the challenge. Please preface any comments you want posted with "SOAPBOX:" so we will know what you want posted and what is private.

Send your results to:

E-mail: pix_email_naqcc (1K)

You must type that address into your email program.

Subject must read: (your call) NAQCC (month) Challenge

For example: K3WWP NAQCC July Challenge

Postal mail:
John Shannon, K3WWP
478 E. High St.
Kittanning, PA 16201

All entries for the challenge must be RECEIVED before November 10, 2008 at 2400Z.