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The NAQCC May 2010 Challenge

Final Results:

Call      Regular  NAQCC Sprint Total   Points
           QSO's      QSO's     QSO's
KA2KGP -    103          0       103    105.5
N1LU -       29         21        50     62.0
KB3AAG -     24         34        58     58.0
K3WWP -      49          1        50     51.0
N8XMS -      27         15        42     44.0
W2JEK -      15         10        25     31.5
K1IEE -      20          0        20     22.0 
WY3H -        2          8        10     10.0
AI4VA -       5          0         5      5.0

NU7T -       25          0        25     25.0  Single Band 40M
Certificates go to:
Multi-band - KA2KGP
Single-band - NU7T

K3WWP - (revised again - HI) Today (31st) I thought I'm pretty close to my goal of 50 NAQCC-rules mW QSO's, and I'm going for it. So I got the needed 6 additional QSO's to make exactly 50. I was disappointed at my minimal results the past couple challenges so I challenged myself to go beyond the minimum requirements this month. I set a goal of making at least one mW QSO each day of the month and making a total of 50 mW QSO's total for the month both ways - including contests and with no contests. I achieved 3 of the 4 goals. 50 no-contest QSO's and 57 including contests, 31 days of QSO's including contests. Missed the 31 days no-contest QSO's though by one day. Had only a CQWPX QSO on the 29th. Darn it. I'm happy that the 50 qualifying QSO's I made included 49 no-contest type QSO's and only one NAQCC sprint QSO. I didn't run up my totals in the sprint, although I could have. As Tom said, it's just too easy making mW QSO's in any kind of contest. I'm suggesting next year we don't count our sprint QSO's either. My 1 NAQCC sprint QSO was just to keep the streak going. I then used 5 watts the rest of the sprint.

AI4VA - Five Ragchews in five different states running 500 mW and an attic long wire. Great fun! Except for this NAQCC Challenge, I might not have ever tried QRPp. (That's what we love to hear. Our challenges do help promote and keep CW alive, but only if YOU try them and participate - K3WWP) Thanks to all! 73, David Mayhew

KB3AAG - this one was an eye opener for me. I started out at 900 mills but a few minutes before the sprint on the 20th I worked NE8J in Florida on 20 meters and he gave me a 589 report! Okay I thought I was running too much power, so I reduced to 400 mills and have stayed there since. I feel that I did well at that power in the sprint at that power so stayed. WOW a little does go a long way!! I am verry surprised at the result! Frank

N1LU - I started out with the intention of just making my 5 QRPP QSO's to qualify for the challenge. After working a few stations in Europe, I discovered that this could be fun. I decided to spend the rest of the month at 500 mW, except for non NAQCC sprints, a camping trip where I used 3 W, and a call to E4X at 100 W. The high point for me was answering a CQ from VK3IO near Melbourne and actually have him come back to me here in NH. I only gave him a 329, but that's ok. That's almost 21000 miles per watt. And fellow hams tell me life is too short for QRP. Ha! Oprerated the FT-817 to a Cobra Ultralite Doublet at 40'.

N8XMS - This was my first month of operating with my new Elecraft K2 and it is really turning out to be a great rig! For most of the time I kept the power set at 900 mW and didn't have any trouble making plenty of QSOs. I have always felt that the real credit for QRPp QSOs should largely go to the one on the other end, so thanks to everyone with the "good ears!" (There is skill involved in knowing when, where, and how to get those QRPp signals to the "good ears" also - K3WWP)

WY3H - Wish I'd had more time to devote to the QRPp challenge, however I am elated that a number of members did so well. Participation, I think, was excellent. Thanks to all who made this little event a great success.

KA2KGP - I found out that about 1 watt is not so much different than 5 watts, and results depend more on band conditions than power. Powered down my IC-7000 to 970 Mw (as low as it could go) and thru a watt meter & tuner, Antennas used were either a 5 band dipole up 25 ft. or a 5 band ground mounted vertical & ran my straight key through out the month. Many QSO's were suprised at the QRPp signal. Only 4 DX but many nice QSO's. 73.

K1IEE - For this challenge I used the Heathkit HW-8 rig at 900 MW for the entire month. Had a great time with QRPp. Thank you.

W2JEK - a good challenge. made all qso's using my ohr-555 at 970 mw. to my 110ft. end fed wire at 20ft. had22 qso on 40m and 3 on 80m. had 7 dx qso's on 40. best qso was when my cq on 3560 was answered by kc2vbu (#4574) with an s9 signal. found out he was a new ham who lives 3 blocks north of my qth, he was using a rockmite at 500 mw. i was his 3rd qso and his first on 80m. had 10 qso in the sprint. 72 and 73 don younger w2jek #1135

NU7T - My total QSOs were 95. Contacts were made 29 of the 31 days in May. Two days were taken off for an Emergency Communications Conference. I worked 30 of the 50 states and 11 DXCC entities. The most distant were New Zealand and Chile. The closest was Santa Rosa, CA at 185 miles. The breakdown by band is 17m 5 Qs, 20m 55 Qs, 30m 10 Qs, 40m 25 Qs.

Very simple. Make as many QSO's as you can using milliwatt power (less than 1 watt) and a simple wire antenna.

The first day of the month 0000Z through the last day of the month 2400Z

By Tom WY3H. Make as many QSO's as possible using milliwatt power at any time during the month on any band(s). IMPORTANT: This time, NO contest or sprint QSO's count with the exception of our NAQCC monthly sprint. All other QSO's must be regular QSO's. No running up totals with scheduled QSO's with a local friend either.

Point value:
A QSO with a USA or Canadian station - 1 point
A DX QSO as follows:
Caribbean or Central America - 1.5 points
Europe or South America - 2 points
All other continents - 3 points

These point values are geared to United States and Canada stations. Should we get entries from any other country (we usually don't), we'll consider adjusting those point values accordingly for that entry.

All QSO's must be INITIATED and finished with milliwatt power. No starting with higher power, then reducing to milliwatt levels. The entire QSO must be at milliwatt power.

A certificate goes to the two members making the most QSO points. One for an all-band entry and one for a single band entry (any one band).

To get a Participation Point and to be listed in the results you must make at least 5 QSO points and send in a report.

For your report, list the stations you worked, the power you used, and your points total.

You may also include comments about the challenge.

Please preface any comments you want posted with "SOAPBOX:" so we will know what you want posted and what is private.

Send your results to:

E-mail: pix_email_naqcc (1K)

You must type that address into your email program.

Subject must read: (your call) NAQCC (month) Challenge

For example: K3WWP NAQCC May Challenge

Postal mail:
John Shannon, K3WWP
478 E. High St.
Kittanning, PA 16201

All entries must be RECEIVED before the 10th of the following month at 2400Z.