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The NAQCC Jun 2010 Challenge

Final Results:

Call     Members Worked
K3WWP         56
KA2KGP        42
K1IEE         27
N8XMS         24
W2JEK         18
NU7T           7
KU4A           5
Certificates go to:

K3WWP - Since about 42 of my 56 members were worked in our sprint, that would make 84 points towards our Friendship Club Award. Of the remaining 14 QSO's, 13 were of course at least one-point QSO's for a total of 97 points. One was with club call N3AQC for 5 points. That makes at least 102 points toward the FC which is over half-way to the 200 required for the award. Probably some of the 13 QSO's were 4-pointers although I'm not checking right now. I think that shows how simple it is to earn the FC Award, yet only 7 members have earned it so far. Very strange. And even further, I didn't make any special effort to work members during the month. I just took them as they came. I probably could have worked a lot more.

N8XMS - 14 of my 24 member contacts were in our sprint. A couple of others were Field Day contacts, and the remaining 8 were just random rag chews.

K1IEE - This was an interesting challenge as many times members contact each other but seldom realize they are both NAQCC members. My approach was to just continue with regular contacts and QSO and see what happens. Of my total 17 were sprint, 10 were regular contacts most rag chew type I didn't keep track and N3AQC.

W2JEK - worked 18 members in the June sprint and 10 spc. rig was ft-840 at 5w and wire antennas. hope conditions get better soon. 72 and 73 don younger w2jek #1135

KA2KGP - 34 of the members worked this month were during the June Sprint, leaving only 8 regular ragchew QSO's. Rig: IC-7000 into either a 5 band gnd. mtd. vertical or a 5 band dipole up 30'. 73 to all NAQCC folks.

We would like to get more members interested in our Friendship Club Award. Our challenge this month will hopefully help you to more quickly achieve your FCA. Just work as many members as you can this month. You might try calling CQ NAQCC around the QRP frequencies if that will help.

The first day of the month 0000Z through the last day of the month 2400Z

Work as many different NAQCC members as possible.

Preferably QSO's should be 2XQRP, but the member you work can be using any power. The QSO won't count for the other member in that case, but it will for you.

For the challenge, only one QSO with a member counts during the month.

Of course all QSO's count toward the NAQCC Worked Members Award as defined in the rules for that award.

A certificate goes to the member working the most different members.

To get a Participation Point and to be listed in the results you must work at least three members and submit a report.

For your report, simply tell us how many different members you worked.

You may also include comments about the challenge.

Please preface any comments you want posted with "SOAPBOX:" so we will know what you want posted and what is private.

Send your results to:

E-mail: pix_email_naqcc (1K)

You must type that address into your email program.

Subject must read: (your call) NAQCC (month) Challenge

For example: K3WWP NAQCC June Challenge

Postal mail:
John Shannon, K3WWP
478 E. High St.
Kittanning, PA 16201

All entries must be RECEIVED before the 10th of the following month at 2400Z.