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The NAQCC Aug 2010 Challenge

Final Results:

Call     RF-SF-4K-FH-FL-ST-3K-2P-1P-0P  Tot    Points
KU4A            4     1     4  2  5  2   18      72
KB1PBA          2           6  2 10  5   25      71
K3WWP           1     2     1  4  9  2   19      56
W2JEK                       4  3  8  2   17      40
NU7T         1  1  1              1  3    7      29
N8XMS              1           1  5  1    8      21
K1IEE                          4  4  1    9      21
N1LU                        1     4  3    8      15
KE5YUM                            2       2       4
Certificates go to: KU4A KB1PBA

KB1PBA - A little OhQP netted the two 4-of-a-kind hands.

K3WWP - As usual of late, not much time to get on the air with all the club work to do, etc. I really like this challenge though, and I think I made the most of my 95 QSO's for the month. Maybe next year, I'll have more time.

N1LU - Too bad there wasn't some way to work DX calls into the Challenge. Most of my QRP this month was DX on 20 meters while camping on the Cape Cod Canal in MA

N8XMS - Available operating time limited me to only 8 hands. Other than one full house, my results were pretty mediocre so it's a good thing that I don't try to play poker for real! 73

K1IEE - Enjoy getting on the air then figuring things out at then end of the month. Well, maybe not every month. 73 Dick

KU4A - With this participation point I complete 48 consecutive months of at least one point. Not even close to being as impressive as K3WWP's amazing daily QSO string, but it's been a fun and challenging goal. I don't plan to break the string anytime soon. Chris KU4A NAQCC #1960. (I'm very proud of Chris and his dedication to our club events. He certainly is doing his part to keep CW alive and well. Thanks and congratulations to him and all other active dedicated members. - K3WWP)

W2JEK - a fun challenge. had 85 qso to work with. now that the cards are put away i will get out the chess set for september. 72 and 73 Don Younger W2JEK # 1135

This challenge is to make poker hands from stations we work. Huh? - you say. Read on.

The first day of the month 0000Z through the last day of the month 2400Z

There are 4 suits of cards, and 4 letters that start USA call signs. Convenient, isn't it? So our poker 'suits' are A, K, N, W. Only the first letter of a call counts, i.e. KA4QQJ counts as K, not A. The number of our 'cards' is the first number in a call, i.e. K3WWP is a 3; special call K98IOO is a 9, not an 8; and K3WWP/4 is a 3, not a 4. Since there are only 10 'cards' in a suit, not 13 as in a real deck, a 0 is considered an ace and 7,8,9 are our 'face cards.'

Now that we have established that, here are examples of each poker hand and the points assigned to it:

Royal Flush    - K6 K7 K8 K9 K0 - 10
Straight Flush - A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 -  9
4 Of A Kind    - A1 K1 N1 W1 N7 -  8
Full House     - A1 K1 N1 N3 W3 -  7
Flush          - K1 K3 K5 K7 K9 -  6
Straight       - K1 N2 W3 W4 K5 -  5
3 Of A Kind    - K3 W3 A3 K4 W7 -  4
2 Pair         - K5 W5 N4 K4 A7 -  3
Pair           - K2 W2 A3 W5 N6 -  2
No Pair        - K1 W3 A5 N6 W2 -  1
Obviously there are duplicate 'cards' in our 'pack'. In your 5 card 'hand' you may well have say, two K4's as in K2 K7 K4 K3 K4. Don't worry about it. In this example case, you can use the 5 cards as a pair of 4's or a flush. Just make whatever you can from the 5 cards without worrying if you hold duplicate cards. Consider it playing poker with 5 decks shuffled together. Hey you could even get 5 K3's in a hand which you could use as a flush or 4 of a kind (we're not counting 5 of a kind hands in our game). Again it's obvious there will be discrepancies between playing with call signs and a real deck of cards. Just deal with it logically or ask me (K3WWP) about it and we'll figure something out.

In the unlikely event you're not familiar with this popular card game, just do a Bing search for 'poker rules'.

Ours is a play what you're dealt game. The first 5 QSO's you make in the month are made into the best possible hand. The next 5 QSO's likewise, and each 5 QSO's in order after that during the month. There is no shuffling or discarding. No Six-Guns allowed at the table!

Add up all your points during the month and report it as described below in the Logs section.

Obviously the odds of getting a 'hand' this way is nowhere near the same as from an actual deck of cards, so we just went with the actual Poker hand rankings for assigning points. It will be interesting to analyze the totals to see which hands are made most often. Then if we repeat the challenge, we can use those figures to determine the odds and point values. I am really into this challenge, and can't wait till it starts. I hope you feel the same.

A certificate goes to the two members making the most total points.

To get a Participation Point and to be listed in the results you must make at least 3 'hands' during the month and submit a report.

For your report, simply tell us how many of each kind of 'hand' you made and your points total.

You may also include comments about the challenge.

Please preface any comments you want posted with "SOAPBOX:" so we will know what you want posted and what is private.

Send your results to:

E-mail: pix_email_naqcc (1K)

You must type that address into your email program.

Subject must read: (your call) NAQCC (month) Challenge

For example: K3WWP NAQCC August Challenge

Postal mail:
John Shannon, K3WWP
478 E. High St.
Kittanning, PA 16201

All entries must be RECEIVED before the 10th of the following month at 2400Z.