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The NAQCC October 2012 Challenge

Final Results:

Call of those who made the 20 QSO's
Certificates and participation point go to all the above.

K9OSC: An extraordinarily interesting Challenge that yielded many unusual 2X QRP QSO's. The most interesting one was being called by UR5FA/MM while he was in VE2 land. He was running and FT-817 @ 1 watt! WA2PWP was running a Chinese HB1A QRP rig at 4 watts and N8NFM ran 5 watts out of IL. Had a 26 minute QSO with W2BPI which was outstanding. All solid QRPp QSO's despite some difficult solar conditions. Just proves that picking the right time and frequency will yield solid QSO's even with milliwatt power. This Challenge was much more interesting that I thought it would be and was well worth the time spent.

KD0V: Thanks to everyone who help me out on the NAQCC October mwatt Challenge. I had a number of very interesting QSO and a number of were short because of band condition. The most frequent comment received was WOW!. One interesting QSO to other station went all the way down to 50 mW. to fine out if he could be heard. Great fun and a pleasure to participate in. 72, Merlin - KD0V #2002

N8XMS: This was a really fun challenge with some amazing results. With my Elecraft K2 set at 900 mW and my old Cushcraft R7 multi-band vertical I made contacts on 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, and 40 meters. Ten of my QSOs were DX and every one was a different country! I worked OK, YN, YU, SM, EA, EA6, OZ, F, FG, and G. My best DX was a YU7 about 4800 miles from me, for 5336 miles/watt. I don't think that I will ever get tired of hearing the reaction from a 599 kilowatt station, who has just given me an honest 559, when I tell him that I'm running only 900 mW!

KB1PBA: Used all 7 bands from 40m to 10m using my new KX3 at 960mw and a simple 66ft doublet up 28ft. What a blast. Never been on 10, 12, or 17 before let alone at QRPp. 3 QSOs on 20, 30, and 40m solid over 20 minutes each.

K3WWP: It took a while to finish the challenge, not because it's hard making mW QSOs. That's the easy part. Finding time to do it was hard. The first part of the month was very busy dealing with our 8th anniversary celebration and our sprint along with the normal everyday things that occupy a lot of my time. I managed a mW QSO with CO6RD so I would at least continue my record of never having missed getting a participation point at least. Then after the anniversary and sprint were dealt with and over, something else came along. My new KX3 kit came along. Although it only took 3 hours to assemble it, the new toy syndrome then took over and I kind of forgot all about the challenge, and was busy making dozens of QSOs with the KX3 - some 80 in the first couple days from some 30 countries - but all with 5 watts. Then when the new toy syndrome diminished a bit, I thought about the challenge, cranked the KX3 down to 900 mW and went for it. In just over 3 days I finished up. There were 9 from DX countries including the Cuban. Worked were VP5/WA2VYA, OK2BGN, NL7G, VP5/K9PPY, RA7A, HB9BQR, PA3FQA, YL2TQ. I'd like to thank those folks. Some were very easy QSOs, but others took the time to dig out my QRPp signals.

VE3FUJ: I enjoyed the mW challenge and a few times I cut the power to 200mW. Thanks to all whom I contacted. Brion 3011

W9UX: Finished the Oct challenge by using 30, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters. All but two of the contacts were with DX stations. Worked California, Oklahoma, 9A, ES, F, HA, PA, S57, SM, SP, XE, and YV. Improved conditions the last half of the month made this challenge for me possible. 72, Terry W9UX

NU7T: This was a great challenge. BANDS: Qs on each band 10-80m POWER: 900mw except Fiji* was 300mw ANTENNA: dipoles no higher than 20 feet TRANSCEIVER: Elecraft K3 KEY: Ukrainian magnetic single paddle or OZ bug MOST DISTANT: Argentina at 6457 miles AVERAGE MILES PER WATT: 3958 miles/watt * Please note the Fiji contact was while portable using IC703 on 10m and 32' vertical wire with 4 16' tape measure radials. Confirmation is pending.

PA5LR: Just before the start of the challenge I finished my first version of a RockMite 80 (with a ceramic resonator). This challenge was a fine opportunity to test it and make some further modifications. Most QSOs were made with this rig and I got some very positive reactions.

K1IEE: Found band conditions the first half of the month to be excellent. My rig was the HW-8 @ 900 mW this was the only rig I used for the month. I made contacts on 80 40 20 and 15. Most exciting contact was RL9I who was 5590 MPW away on 15M. The little rig is back on the shelf until next time. Great challenge. Thanks to all 73 Dick

W2JEK: Made 20 qso's using my Oak Hills OHR-500 at 900 mw. as measured on my WM-2 wattmeter. Had 17 qso on 15m using the 40m dipole and 3 on 20m with my roof mounted ground plane. Qso's were with 18 countries in 4 continents.

Very simple. Make QSO's using milliwatt power (less than 1 watt) and a simple wire antenna.

The first day of the month 0000Z through the last day of the month 2400Z

Make 20 QSO's using milliwatt power at any time during the month on any band(s). NO contest or sprint QSO's.

All QSO's must be INITIATED and finished with milliwatt power. No starting with higher power, then reducing to milliwatt levels. The entire QSO must be at milliwatt power.

A certificate and Participation Point go to everyone who makes it to 20 QSOs and reports their results before the deadline.

A Participation Point goes to everyone who makes at least 1, but less than 20 QSOs and reports their results before the deadline.

Some challenges involve a prize. Check the Prize page in the main section of the webs site for more info.

For your report, simply tell us you made the required 20 QSO's or how many you did make if less than 20.

You may also include details about the challenge in your soapbox comments.

Please preface any comments you want posted with "SOAPBOX:" so we will know what you want posted and what is private.

Send your results to:

E-mail: pix_email_k7hap (1K)

You must type that address into your email program.

Subject must read: (your call) NAQCC (month) Challenge

For example: K3WWP NAQCC May Challenge

Postal mail:
Hap - K7HAP
8532 Canterbury Dr.
Annandale, VA 22003

All entries must be RECEIVED before the 10th of the following month at 2400Z.