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The NAQCC July 2014 Challenge

All challenge info such as rules are now in the hands of Gary K1YAN. Email him with any questions in that regard at pix_email_k1yan (1K).

The results on this page are the responsibility of Hap K7HAP. Email him with any questions in that regard at pix_email_k7hap (1K).

Final Results:

 QSOs - 30M  17M  12M  6M   60M 
K3WWP    1   12    6    1    
G3JFS   32   11    -    -
SM5MEK   2   10    4    4
K9JWV   11    9    -    -
KD0V    11    9    -    -
KU4A    14    6    -    -
N8XMS    6   13    1    -
W2JEK    6   13    1    -
F5MNK   15    2    3    -
K1IEE    2   15    3    -
K0ALN   11    7    -    2
K1YAN   15    3    -    2
AK3X    14   20    -    -
N1DN    12   17    -    -
WB0PYF  16    3    2    -
MW0RSS  29   10    -    -   2
PA7PYR  14    6    -    -
K6XT     8   54    4    -
All the above get a certificate and participation point.
All below get only a participation point.

 QSOs - 30M  17M  12M   6M   60M
AB9YC   17    -    -    -
KF7WNS   8    -    -    -
N1JI     5    -    -    -
NF8M     -    4    -    -
VE3FUJ   2    -    -    -
K3WWP: Great conditions on the high bands, even up through 6 meters made for a fairly easy challenge. I could have done it quicker if I'd had more air time, but it was a busy month so far. It was interesting to finish the challenge up with my first 6 meter contact from home since August 2008 except for one FD QSO in 2013. I haven't done much 6 meters work because I used to have TVI problems with a fussy neighbor. I should check and see if it better now in the digital TV era. Anyway if I get on 6, I run only one watt which is what I used to finish the challenge with K2DSW in IA at 1756Z July 10. Great fun and although I love the alphabet challenges most of all, this one provided interest and even some excitement with the great openings. BTW my only 30 meters QSO was with our Challenge Manager Gary K1YAN. Thanks all.

G3JFS: I have recently joined NAQCC and this plus the EU July event are my first submissions to the challenges. All my contacts were made with a 15 metre long end fed wire with a remote SmarTuner or a doublet antenna. My key for all contacts was a 67 year old straight key with which I started to learn morse in 1947. Despite generally poor conditions for qrp working I was pleased that a large number of these contacts were 'proper' qsos including several that were 2-way qrp. I look forward to meeting members in the coming months.

SM5MEK: Got some nice ones this period, West Malaysia 9M2TO, Asiatic Russia UA0ZC and many Europeans, also 3 stns from USA. Now also hunting for all European, still 23 entites remaining.

K9JWV: Had some DX QSOs amongst the twenty. Three JAs and one VK on 30 meters and an E51 on 17 meters. All QSOs were of 10 minute or longer lengths and, surprisingly, the DX stations were more than ready to pass on quite a bit more info than the usual "599, 73." This took longer than I expected as condx out here in s/w UT have, for the most part, been acceptable occasionally and mediocre more often than not.

KD0V: The band conditions during the first half of July made this an interest challenge. We had thunderstorms all every day, so there was plenty of QRN to go along with the QSB and other plagues that make QRP interesting.

KU4A: Took me until late in the day on the 24th to finish this. Summer time band conditions are tough, but I was usually able to rely on 30m for a QSO in a pinch.

W2JEK: This was a good challenge. Had 1 QSO on 12M, 13 on 17M, and 6 on 30M.Rig was my Yaesu FT-840 at 5W to an end fed wire.

F5MNK: Good challenge, no problem on 30 M, but on 17 and 12 M, band not very open... Best 73. LO.

K1IEE: Had a good time on the bands. I should use them more often. Conditions seemed to be much better the first half of the month during the 1100UTC period for me.

K0ALN: Seems like weather got the best of me each time I tried to make contacts. Our Colorado monsoon is in full swing, and I was concerned about reaching 20. Was able to sneak through the noise on 30 meters for the best luck. Just couldn't seem to find many folks on 17. Had high hopes for 12, but it just didn't happen out this way. 6 was fun, although I spent most of my time on SSB when it was open. Just needed more operating time, but what else is new?.....

K1YAN: Was hoping to add a few to the 12m totals but never heard anything on that band this month. Just as a point of interest, I use my half size G5RV on 6m where it loads up with a wide range antenna tuner and seems to get out well enough to make contacts when the band is reasonably open.

AB9YC: This was an interesting challenge for me. With the holiday, vacation, IARU/WRTC, and life in general, I had limited opportunities for activity. It was a productive month at more than QRP levels as I logged 3 new countries: China, Oman and Antarctica. A new country in the log is always good.

AK3X: Did the challenge first on 17M with my little MFJ 9317 Cub at 1.4 watts. In the early part of the month the SFI was hovering around 200, so it was relatively easy to work 20 European DX contacts. Even got to at least sit in minor pileups for 5B, TA, and SV9, but they eluded me. Just like fishing, it does not really matter if you catch anything or not, it is still fun. My attempt to repeat with 20 QSOs on 30M met with lack of time and somewhat poor conditions. Still had fun with European DX contacts. 30M rig was a DSW-30 at 2.4 watts. Antenna in all cases was a 40M inv vee at 25 feet, speaker wire feeder, and a ZM-2 tuner. This is a "temporary" antenna that I put up 4 years ago HI. 72 Peter

KF7WNS: Wound a coil for 30M for my two tube homebrew transmitter. 2.5 watts got me 8 QSO's mostly 2XQRP.

PA7PYR: Most of all on 30m. On this band my ant. Is the best. While I was testing a inverted V on 12 and 17 m I heard some very strong stations so there are some of them in the list. Nice challenge. Maybe next Challenge 30 qso's in one month on 2 warc bands ? Every day one . Thanks

K6XT: 53 of my 66 Q's were DX stations with very good conditions most days into EU. A very gratifying result and thanks to all who heard me. Even managed to crack a few (of many tried) pileups. Almost daily T-storms kept my ears away from 30M. Conditions here were very light on 12M at least when I could listen with no signals most days.

NF8M: Have entered many sprints but this is the first time entering a challenge. I enjoy the WARC bands for being less crowded and for filling in my country count, since I make plenty on the contest bands. Just made a few but all were made from the car using a hamstick antenna.

VE3FUJ: July got unexpectedly busy for me early on which resulted in very little Radio-time being available. I hope it a passing phenomena. Brion 3011

We challenge you to make QSOs on the WARC bands (60, 30, 17 and 12 meters) and/or the VHF and UHF bands (50 mHz and up).

The first day of the month 0000Z through the last day of the month 2400Z

Make 20 QSOs, using any combination of the WARC, VHF and UHF bands using QRP CW and any antenna system. Be sure to check the current rules for the 60m allocation. It is very different than our other bands and quite restrictive.

A certificate and Participation Point go to everyone making 20 QSOs and submitting their report before the deadline.

A Participation Point goes to everyone making at least 1, but not all 20 QSOs and submitting their report before the deadline.

Some challenges involve a prize. Check the Prize page in the main section of the web site for more info.

For your report, list how many of the 20 QSOs (or less) were made on each band.

You may also include comments about the challenge. Please preface any comments you want posted with "SOAPBOX:" so we will know what you want posted and what is private.

Send your results to:

E-mail: pix_email_k7hap (1K)

You must type that address into your email program.

Subject must read: (your call) NAQCC (month) Challenge

For example: K3WWP NAQCC February Challenge

Postal mail:
Hap - K7HAP
8532 Canterbury Dr.
Annandale, VA 22003

All entries must be RECEIVED before the 10th of the following month at 2400Z.