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The NAQCC May 2017 Challenge

All challenge info such as rules are now in the hands of Gary K1YAN. Email him with any questions in that regard at pix_email_k1yan (1K).

The results on this page are the responsibility of Hap K7HAP. Email him with any questions in that regard at pix_email_k7hap (1K).


Has your soldering iron gone cold? Is your junk box covered with dust? Can't quite recall when your last home-brew project was completed? Do you have a kit or scratch built, rig, antenna, key or station accessory on the shelf that could use some exercise? This is the time to bring it out and make some QSOs.

The first day of the month 0000Z through the last day of the month 2400Z

MAKE 15 QSOs WHICH INCLUDE AT LEAST 6 STATES AND 2 DX ENTITIES, ONE OF WHICH CAN BE THE COUNTRY YOU ARE IN, during the time period using a home brew or kit piece of gear for each QRP QSO. This may be a rig, tuner, key, antenna or station accessory. It is not necessary that the station worked be using any home brew gear or be QRP. In the spirit of homebrew, please make it something that you personally built or at least did a significant part of the work. Since we do have to draw a line somewhere to say what qualifies as homebrew gear, modular kits (eg. the KX3) and items such as store bought antennas which only require cutting to length and connecting coax and end insulators, do not qualify as home brew gear for this challenge. Please check out your rig and see what it sounds like on the air. Remember chirps, yoops and drifting around a few kHz during each over are no longer as accepted as they were in the 60s! All General Challenge Rules apply in addition to the QSO and equipment requirements.

A certificate and participation point go to everyone who makes 15 QSOs with home-brew gear, working at least 6 states and 2 DX entities, and sends in their report by the deadline.

A participation point goes to everyone who makes at least 3 QSOs with home-brew gear and sends in their report by the deadline.

A choice of an item made by master woodworker Gregg WB8LZG as shown on our prizes page here goes to someone selected via a random drawing from all who participate and submit a report for this month's challenge. A person can only win once, then they become ineligible for future drawings.

For your report tell us that you made the required 15 QSOs and which states and DX entities you worked. If you did not make all 15 contacts or all the states and DX entities, tell us how many you did make. Also tell us what HB gear was part of your station for this challenge. If you think that your HB gear is a bit different ( everybody has seen a K1 or HW- 8 ) and interesting include a digital picture we may post.

You may also include comments about the challenge. Please preface any comments you want posted with "SOAPBOX:" so we will know what you want posted and what is private.

Send your results as text in the horizontal format shown above to:

E-mail: pix_email_k7hap (1K) (You must type that address into your email program.)
Subject must read: (your call) NAQCC (month) Challenge
For example: K3WWP NAQCC February Challenge

All entries must be RECEIVED before the 10th of the following month at 2400Z.

Final Results:

         QSO  ST DX
K3WWP:    15   8  5

KI4IO:    15   8  4

WI5H:     15   8  1

W2JEK:    15   7  8

K1YAN:    15   7  3

KJ4R:     15   7  6

W3IQ:     15  11  4

K4CML:    16  13  3 

NF1U:     16  14  2

N8XMS:    15   9  4

N9SE:     18   6  7

K1IEE:    15   8  7

KG4MTN:   15  13  2

VE4AKI:   17  12  2

AK3X:     41  16  11

KB1M:     15   6  9

AF4NC:    21  18  3

KF7WNS:   22  11  6

All the above get a certificate and participation point.

All below get only a participation point.

VE3DQN:    3  1  1

WA2FBN:    5  4  0

N1JI:     12  4  3

K4NYI:    12  9  3

K1SWL:     9  5  4

K3WWP: After falling short on the challenge in April, I was determined to
finish the May challenge quickly and I did. The 15th QSO came at 0052Z on
May 5. It really wasn't much of a challenge - just pretty much my regular
on-air routine of getting a DX QSO each day and if that comes quickly, a
couple other QSOs. It was good that several of my QSOs were with other NAQCC
members. Of the 10 USA stations, 8 gave me their power level. There was one
100W, one 25W, one 7W, four 5W, and one 900mW. All the USA QSOs were on 40.
I worked PA three times, the other states just once. That pretty much sums
up my challenge.

KI4IO: This was fun! 


K1YAN: Ran a DSW 40 for 2.5w on 40M and an FT-950 for 5w on 20 and 30M, both 
with an Emtech  ZM 2 tuner. If you are looking for a compact and versatile tuner 
for 80 - 10 M check out this unit. It has a built in SWR indicator circuit and 
will match coax, open wire and single wire antennas. BNC or SO-239 connectors 
and offered as a kit or assembled.

KJ4R: A fun challenge this month and a nice change of pace from the alphabet 
challenges.  Used  PFR3B kit with homebrew vertical and worked 13 stations on 40 
meters and 2 on 30 meters. Had a nice mix of rag chews using my old speed X 
straight key, and worked some quick DX contacts using the American Morse paddles 
that mount on the front of the PFR 3B.  73, to everyone.

K4CML: Cndx lately so bad here I wasn't sure I could make it this time, but the 
rig pulled me thru OK. Using a Wilderness Sierra, Oak Hills wattmeter (all built 
with my own hands) and a HB cootie key made from a couple of angle brackets and 
the veritable hacksaw blade. Nothing fancy about the antenna ;  102040 EFHW from 
LNR did the job for me. Now if I could only get better about collecting calls in 
the rest of the Challenges, it would be nice.

NF1U: Did not enjoy this challenge as much mainly due to the poor propagations 
conditions and having to use my home-brew dipole on frequencies and bands that 
it was not designed for.  Next time i will home-brew something other than and a 
compromise antenna, maybe a simple transmitter.

N8XMS: Last year I completed this challenge by using every different piece of 
home-brew gear that I have for my QSOs.  This year I just didn't have the time 
to keep switching things around so everything was done with my main rig, a home-built 
Elecraft K2.  I've made the minimum required number of contacts and I hope to get 
a few more in before the end of the month but my schedule is very tight so I'm 
going ahead and sending in my submission.  73, Paul

K1IEE: This challenge brought me out of my normal operating time of early morning
to evening operation. Found myself trying to be in the right place at the
right band condition times and ride the high of the QSB signal on many QSO's
I liked the challenge.
Thanks to all 73 Dick 

AK3X: Worked the challenge with my usual stable of kit built rigs, tuner, 
swr/wattmeter, and homebrew antenna. Rigs were an OHR-100A on 80 meters, and 
Small Wonder Labs DSW rigs on 40, 30, and 20. The OHR was set at 4 watts out, 
and the DSW rigs output is 2 to 3 watts. I had contacts on 80,40, 30, and 20 
meters.  The biggest surprise was having my CQ on 3550 KHz answered by a German 
station in Munich and having a nice chat on 80.  I guess it helps to have a 3 
element 80 meter Yagi at 35 meters when you are working a 4 Watt station with a 
low OCF doublet (fed with speaker wire no less!).  I enjoyed this challenge... 
those pesky alphabetic challenges are another story... usually don't get anywhere 
close to enough contacts to have any hope of spelling all the words. Thanks  72.. 
Peter 4825

KB1M: I now have a very functional hacksaw blade paddle, that can be taken afield 
without any fear of breakage.

AF4NC: First contest that I have entered in a very long time.  Dug out the old 
Heathkit that I built long ago. What a great time.   Along with Bob N3AAK my dear 
friend close by we have started a QRP group called the Wolf Pack QRP Group to 
continue QRP work.

WA2FBN: May band conditions have been very poor at my QTH.  Hoping
conditions improve for June.  73  Ken

K1SWLL: This was my first Challenge entry. I mostly operate QRP in the contests, 
and random QSOs proved more difficult to make than I'd remembered. Band conditions 
didn't help, either. Great fun, though, and will do it again. Good luck to all for 
Field Day- really looking forward to it! 72- Dave Benson, #8929

KF7WNS: Used several rigs this time. My K! is my go to rig, but also used my 
"One Watter/1W30 and my home brew two tube TX at 3 watts on 40m.  I was happy to 
catch an opening on 20m and work Europe for the first time in six months. Also a 
nice surprise to have SM0BRF send me a recording of our QSO. 72, Gary