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Zoran Tasich - 9A3HP - NAQCC # 2374

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Hi My name is Zoran Tasich, from Croatia Europe, but on air I Use short version readable to English people Zoky.
My first contact with radios are from my youth days, nobody use in this time crystal radio, but I make my own experiment, various material for crystal rectifier I use. Trying to make better reception weak signal. Also I try drive crystal with small amount DC power to make more sensitive and break true voltage make almost minimum.I try Germanium diode but this is not experiment.
Then I build firs my transmitter using only one tube, quartz Cristal to control. And 42 meter long wire antenna. It work, receiver is with only 3 transistor on the 80 meter, crystal is define transmitter frequency on 3574 kHz. It was 1980 and still make experiment. Because war time in my country I lose all my transmitters and receivers. Even old BC 312. Nov I have 2 meter FT-290R very old small power transceiver and homemade transverter 20 meter maximum 15 watt but reduced below 5w.
Just now I have no photo of my radios but all time on FT-290R is attached key, not microphone. I try it this combination below 5w and inverted V antenna. On 20 meter people in UK hear my signal 559 (much more than I expected.) My love is antenna construction. Of course I must try them with small power.
Because I like travel in attachment I send my photo from Thailand.
73 de 9A3HP Zoky
member of NAQCC