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Mike Lyness - AF4LQ - NAQCC # 0020

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This picture was taken in late '98 or so and while I have a new "comfy" operating position now I still look pretty much the same. I'm 52 and last worked as a welder/structural steel fabricator, line supervisor and quality control person with a local company for 19 years. I've been semi-retired since '97, tending to a family situation and working part-time for the Library system.

I became interested in radio as a shortwave listener during the Gulf War period and got my first ham license in '93 but I didn't do much with it until late '97. In '98 I earned my General, Advanced, and Extra and got my present call. At about the same time I became interested in QRP operating, building QRP kit radios, etc., and since then QRP operating and building has been my main interest in amateur radio. I operate 100% CW and QRP and have had quite a ball with it and still do. I've really enjoyed the NAQCC sprints and other activities and I look forward to working lots of you guys and gals on the air.