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Charles Plunk - AF4O - NAQCC # 2261

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My main qrp station is an FT817 with 300hz filter, LDG z100 Autotuner, Timewave ANC-4 noise reduction, Windom at about 20', and a 40 meter Inv V at 25'.

This station can be run from the AC Mains through an Astron RS-50a (obviously runs other equipment also!) or from 2 100ah batteries that can be charged by a 20 watt solar panel or from an AC charger. Mostly I use a straight key. My favorite is the 26003a series Navy keys. I have 2 of them.

I do very little SSB. Only exception is occasionally checking into a few nets. I do some digital modes on HF but CW is my primary mode. I also do some weak signal VHF digital with the WSJT software.

Currently fixing up a 12'x24' dutch barn building next to my house. It has 2 work bench's. One for power tools and the other will be an electronic work bench. I plan on doing some kit building and from scratch. A rockmite is sitting here waiting on me to finish the building. Might even get into machining custom made straight keys.

Look forward to building the rockmite and other qrp kits, operating qrp afield from local parks and vacation, building a tube novice type cw rig from scratch, putting up another Windom with a balun instead of a coax coil, and machining keys.

I work at the local Hospital as Plant Operations director and Safety Officer. My xyl is a ham and hopefully my daughter will do so soon. I belong to several qrp clubs, the local ham club (West Tennessee Amateur Radio Society), and the local Emergency Management Agency.

My website is
Op; Chuck
NAQCC 2261
ANC-4 Noise Reduction
Z100 Auto Tuner
Panasonic Toughbook Laptop
Navy Flameproof Keys