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Manuel Marques - CT1BWW - NAQCC # 3776

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Was Born: Location Estoril (near Lisbon) -1959-08-13

Member: NAQCC #3776, NRA#053, CRA#001, URE#60415, GDXF#588, OKDX#095, CTC#737, SRT#182, BARLS#418, DDXC#194, INDEXA, FPQRP, REP#350.


* 1977 as a SWL CT0783 be part on Radioscouting Department (National Scout Corps)
* 1982 First License as CT1BWW
* 1984 Member Founder Nr.001 CS1CRA Clube Radios do Atlantico, (CT Lighthouse Radio Club)
* 1987 Get the first time DXCC from ARRL
* 1987 1st participation on CQWWDX Contest (#1 CT)
* 1991 1st DXpedition Berlenga Island as CT0B Ilha
* 1994 Member Founder Nr.001 CS1GDX Portuguese DX Grooup (GPDX Grupo Portugues de DX)
* 1995 Participating on several Portguese Islands and Lighthouse Operations
* 1994 Award Manager for CT-Lighthouse Award (CS1CRA)
* 2002 Receive 5BDXCC Plaque from American Radio Relay League
* 2003 Member MultiInternational a S05X Western Sahara Desert DXpedition
* 2004 Member on Artic Circle Polar Amateur Radio Adventure (JW/CT1BWW)
* 2004 Member FIRST DXpedition Rolas Island (crossed by Equador Line) S.Tome & Principe as S92BWW
* 2005 Member and CO-Organizer DXpedition at Fernando de Noronha Island - South Atlantic Adventure as PY0F/CT1BWW com EA2RC.
* 2006 Receive #NR1. Honor Roll Plaque from American Radio Realy League
* 2006 Member Founder DXCiting "NEW" conception on Tourism, Amateur Radio, Friendship and Adventure envolving amateur Radio Families includinds , Trekking, Sightseeing, Bird and Whales watching, preserving Nature.
* 2006 Member and CO-Organizer at Azores Island DXpedition CU7X,CU6X e CU5X with EA3GHZ and EA2RC em Atlantic North Adventure.
* 2006 Member and Co-Organizer DXpedition at Bazaruto Island as C98BWW at Indian Ocean Adventure also get the Mozambique C91BWW.
* 2007 Celebrating 20 years participating Contests
* 2007 e 2008 Participating on Polar year International Celebration, representing Portugal as CQ4IPY as due to be part on Artic/2004.
* 2007 Member and CO-Organizer Caribean Amateur Radio Adventure at Saint Martin/Sin Martin DXpedition as FS/CT1BWW and PJ7/CT1BWW with EA3GHZ e EA5YH.
* 2008 Member Nr-#053 CS5NRA Portuguese Navy Amateur Radio Club
* 2008 Member and CO-Organizer Oceania DX Adventure VK9X Christmas Island DXpedition as VK9XWW with EA3GHZ, EA5CME and EA5EOR.
* 2008 Member Founder Nr.001 Portuguese QRP Clube ( Clube Portugues de QRP)
* 2009 Award Manager for CT-Prefix-Award. Actually is Award Manager for following CT-Lighthouse Award, CT-WPX Award, VK9X Christmas Island Award, CQ4IPY Ano Internacional Polar Award, e 60 degree Paralell North Award. 2009 Aland Island DXpedition Baltic Sea Adventure as OH0/CT1BWW
* 2009-Member NA QRP Club NR.#3776