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Bob Parkes - G3REP - NAQCC # 3517

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licensed as G3REP in 1962

1979-1981 call VS5RP - shift supervisor at the Telesai Earth Station in Brunei working for Harris International.

1983-1987 call P29PR in charge of the Engineering Planning Department P&T in Papua New Guinea.

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1992-1993 call A45XF working as a Consultant for Ewbank International supervising the installation of 300km of fibre optic cable in Oman.

1993-1997 call 4S7RPG supervising the installation of a country wide telecommunication system for the Ceylon Electricity Board.

1998-2000 call S21YP Project Manager responsible for the implementation of SCADA and Telecommunication System for the Gas Transmission Company Ltd, Bangladesh.

2000-2001 Transmission Consultant for Aircom planning transmission networks for 3G mobile networks in Luxembourg and Sweden.

2001-2006 Network Planner carrying out radio and transmission planning for 3G mobile phone operator in the UK.

2006-Present Semi-retired, catching up on all those jobs that got put to one side while working. Ever hopeful that job of a lifetime will come along :-)