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Roy Philip - K8NQQ - NAQCC # 0088

K8NQQ (21K)

Age: 78. Been a ham for 58 years, first as second op VQ4RAW in 1946-47. Current call issued in 1959, also had W8CPQ call. Active on all bands 80 through 10, CW only, mostly QRP. Rigs Icom 718 and various QRP rigs. Ants. 40 mtr. horizontal loop ladder line and tuner, 80 mtr. inv. vee. WW2 vet. army, served in Europe and Africa. Lived and worked in Ohio as an Industrial Electronics Technician. Retired and moved to current QTH in 1984. Other hobbies and interests are model airplanes, ballroom dancing, kayaking, bicycling, and hiking.