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Jeff Peters - K9JP - NAQCC # 2270

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Hello from K9JP! I have used many different rigs and antennas since starting in this wonderful hobby at the age of 14. I started operating QRP about 2 years ago using an Elecraft K1-4, Navy flame proof SK, and GAP vertical antenna.

I wanted some of the newer Hams in my local area to find out that you did not need a lot of power or money to have fun on the bands. Many of the older guys in the local Ham club said, "Life is to short for QRP!" Well, that pushed the right button! My first goal then was to see how many contacts I could make in a month before the next club meeting. That was easy, having operated CW for nearly 40 years. The total for the first month was 118 operating each evening after dinner.

OK, then one of the Old Timers said "You can't work DX operating QRP!" Buttons pushed again! I took the month of July, not contacting an DXpeditions or operating in any DX contests. 88 countries worked in one month!

That was the last challenge from any of the "Old Timers!"

73, and Good Health, Jeff K9JP NAQCC #2270, SKCC #3008T, FISTS #13119