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David Carreon - KD5VMP - NAQCC # 3609

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Hi my name is David (KD5VMP), I got into sw when I was around 8 or 9 years old. Living in a rural area in Texas. I did not know much about ham radio till I got into the U.S. Army. Once back home I got a job with the state of Texas which took me all over the state, so getting my ticket was on hold. I got my ticket on March of 2003 with no code at that time. I was still trying to learn it when the they dropped it from the requirements. Even tho I'm still a tech. and trying to get my general soon, I feel that cw is still important to radio. It is the back to basics of ham radio. I'm not to par in cw, I would call myself as a (LID) Ha Ha, but I only hope be up there with you great keyers out there one day. Besides in improving my code I'll like to build a homemade qrp rig. If anybody gets to here me out there please forgive me for being slow or sloppy.
73s to all out there,
David C.Carreon