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Richard Downey - N2UGB (then W2RDD) - NAQCC # 1565

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SWL as a kid. Keesler Field USAF for radio operator training autumn 1957, right out of high school. If you washed out, you ended up on permanent KP. That is called incentive cw training. Ended up as ground radio operator in 1st AACS Mobile, Johnson AFB Japan. Used military versions of Collins 75A3 receiver and KW1 transmitter. Lots of packing and setting up in various Far East locations. Discharged in mid 1960.

After discharge, was out of, travelling, jobs, family, etc. Started thinking "ham" in late 1970's and took the FCC administered test for General in 1980. Was always satisfied with the privileges that class offered. A little less today, but at age 67, not really interested in upgrading.

I have always been a cw operator and frequently QRP. Recently I decided to go the QRP route permanently, or at least as much as possible. Will admit to cheating with the twenty watts the low-power rigs are capable of.

I have been spending a few months a year in France for the past several years. Operate from that side as F/W2RDD. Met some great French hams and let me tell you, they know their electronics. No memorizing questions. My rig over there has been the SG-2020 and a Buddistick. Expect to be back there this Fall.

I am also a member of FISTS, UFT (French CW club), and SKCC.

I find that the NAQCC operating philosophy of QRP CW with straight key and wire antennas to be my own. I find NAQCC the organization I am most drawn to. Because of apartment living, I can only manage a Buddistick whip antenna. I hope someday the antenna will be made of real wire. I also subscribe to the "more with less" approach of ham radio. I've had my current station a few years now and see no big belled, whistled, and heavily menued rigs in my future.

Don't have a single award for anything....never tried. But as I do have more time now, I hope to participate in the NAQCC events ina low-key manner.

The rigs are two Ten-Tec Argonaut V transceivers and a SG-2020. The antenna is a Buddistick (wish it could be more). Straight keys and bugs employed here.