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James Dennis - N4RKR - NAQCC # 3186

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I received my first call letters, WB3EOT while living in Chambersburg, PA. While living in Hartford, CT I changed my call to N1BRA, not a good call for a man (BRA.) Upon moving to Florida I changed to N4RKR while living in Dunedin, FL. I liked calling it "Running Kilowatt Radio." I spent three years in the USNR having served on the USS Holder DE 401 that took a torpedo off the coast of Algiers in 1944. It was towed back to the U.S. and welded together with the USS Grange to one unit. My second ship, USS Williams DE 372, was caught in a typhoon off Okinawa and towed back to the United States. We took the biggest roll in history and still survived. We capsized but God pushed us back up to an even keel.

I have been a letter pressman for 40 years and after computers took over the trade I went into security from which I retired at the end of January.