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SGT Mitch Gill - K7TUT/YI9TU - NAQCC # 1533

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The NAQCC salutes SGT Gill for helping in the war against terrorism in Iraq. Here is an excerpt from an email he sent us:

"....Yes amateur radio is difficult here for getting to the states. I have talked to two stateside station out of 100 contacts which is about where I am at right now. Of course having a sloppy inverted V up 12-15 feet does not help but it is hard to find the time to make into something else and hard to hide. I am still thinking on that. I should have brought a vertical with me like an old 12AVQ for 10-20 meters. I know I would have better luck with that as the roof of our hooch is steel and would have made a great groundplane. I also would have lost it here as I don't expect to be taking much back with me. Even the radio, my 706, I am trying to donate to the Iraqi club here so they can give it to one of the Hams without a rig. Its not that I want to give up my 706 but I have already given away my 817 (as it was slightly damaged and he can repair and use it) to a dear friend who needed a rig and over here it is so expensive for them. I am treating myself with the travel money I get from the military with an Argonaut V when I get home. It will be the first brand new radio I have ever bought for myself and I am looking forward to setting it up and playing with QRP.

Keep in touch and thanks for your support. We just heard three explosions so gotta run as they may have been rockets coming in. Usually we hear pretty quick so possibly our own people setting off caches of weapons found. We will find out later. 73."