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Hector Perez - NP4FW - NAQCC # 2246

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My name is Hector (Luigi) Perez; a long time enthusiast of the radio hobby on its broader sense. Since years ago, I have been an active member of: ARRL, FIST CW Club and the Puerto Rico Amateur Radio League. I am also co-founder member of ONDACORTAPR a forum created to enhance and serve the Short Wave hobby within the Puerto Rico radio fans.

In Amateur Radio and as far as DXing goes, I have worked and confirmed over 230 countries so far.

Ever since I entered into ham radio, CW has been the only mode I have worked the most. In this sense, I have been very fortunate to have good friends that I have used as my mentors both, in radio affairs as well as on CW. Among them, I have to mention: Methodist Reverend Manny Santiago NP4FE, Danny Ponce WP4F, Virgilio Rodriguez KP4Q, Carlos Osorio WP4N, Dr. Julio Medina NP3CW and Jose Rodriguez WP4IIW.

They have all served as role models as well as a real inspiration to me for their strong devotion and interest to both ham radio and CW.

My current amateur radio gear is composed of a Kenwood TS-570, a Kenwood TS-830 a JRC-JST-145, and a MFJ 9020 QRP. My ant is a MA5B Yagi.