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Martin Gillen - VA3SIE - NAQCC # 1021

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I can usually be found cycling around Ottawa with a dual band 2m/70cm Yaesu FT-51R HT attached to my shoulder and a speaker mike attached to the strap of my backpack.

Or perhaps on the side of a cycle track or in a park in Ottawa with my pack open and the Ukrainian mini morse key strapped to my leg, my Elecraft KX-1 ultra-portable QRP transceiver sitting in my lap, with 2W of morse travelling up a vertical wire or an inverted vee dipole thrown up into the trees.

I was licensed in the UK as 2E1FTX for a couple of years but it's only been in the last four months that I have had HF privelages. Since then my speed has come up to about 13wpm and I'm thoroughly enjoying bike portable operation as you can see from one of my recent outings, the maple island adventure:

Say 'Hi' if you hear me on the bands!