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Scott McMullen - W5ESE - NAQCC # 0612

W5ESE operating portable

I received the Novice license in 1976 (WN5RMQ), and during my high school years, made upgrading my license at the Houston FCC Office something of an annual ritual, passing the General late in 1976, Advanced in 1977, and Extra in 1978. I later lived in Colorado and held the call NJ0E; there I was largely inactive for many years except for some 2 meter FM and active involvement as an ARRL Volunteer Examiner.
Now back in Texas and a homeowner, I returned to HF a few years ago, and have been enjoying QRP, CW, and kit building, mostly the Ten-Tec TKIT 1300 series transceivers. I'm a member of the Austin QRP Club, and a frequent checkin to the Texas Slow Net (3719 KHz) and the Texas CW Net (3643 KHz). I received the vanity call 'W5ESE' last year, so have joined the ranks of the "QRP Barbers" and enjoyed that, too.
I particularly enjoy operating QRP+CW on backpacking outings; the photo depicts me using my 40 meter Rockmite in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, in west Texas.