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Robert Pecot - W5YDM - NAQCC # 3295

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Just got back into ham radio this past summer after a 25 year hiatus. When I left, few hams had computers and the most common ones were Radio Shack TRS-80's and Commodore Vic 20's. Most radios still had tube finals and drivers and the Internet didn't exist, so imagine how far behind I am now. So much to catch up on and so little time. That's why I keep things simple: I still run CW exclusively. I wasn't back in ham radio very long before I noticed that a lot of my QSO's were with hams using Elecraft radios. QRP seemed to be very popular now so I bought a K1 40/20, the only piece of modern equipment I have. I like to operate QRP outdoors in different settings, one of which is shown in the picture. I mounted the K1 and my new DCP paddle to an aluminum camping table using folder clips and a homemade bracket made form an old scanner bracket.. The power is provided by a 14.4v Makita cordless drill battery and the antenna is usually an end-fed 33ft #12 solid wire strung up my pine tree, with a 16ft radial just thrown on the ground. The K1 internal tuner will match this set-up very well on both 40 and 20.