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Tom Deal - W7TMD - NAQCC # 4094

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Hello, My Name is Tom And I live in North Idaho. My Station consist of Elecraft k2/100 that I use 99% of the time @ 10watts or less Autek Wm1 Peak reading meter Yeasu FT 817ND. I use a minni Palm Paddle ,Vibroplex Brass Racer and some Old Straight Key I picked up on ebay I'm Not Sure what it is but it works good. Heil HM-10. My Antenna is a Mosley 33 @40ft, a 160m vertical loop @ 80ft and 50ft, a Minni buddipole for field work.

I love workin DX and getting out in the field Hiking,fishing ,camping. Having fun with Ham radio outdoors.
73, Tom-W7TMD
ARCI No. 13512
NAQCC No.4094
SKCC No.6461
Polar Bear No.217
GORC No.246