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Member List

Here is the complete NAQCC roster in 4 sections:

1. Complete list sorted by number.
2. A list of members who have held other calls since joining.
3. A list of members who currently hold 2 or more calls.
4. A list of members who are now Silent Keys.

Press Ctrl-F to search for any call sign listed on this page.

For security and privacy purposes this membership list includes only the name, call and town/city of members. NAQCC does not distribute full member info to anyone.

It is up to you, the member, to keep your info updated. Notify us of any changes in call, address, or email by using our member updates page or directly emailing our database manager Dave, VA3RJ, at pix_newemail_va3rj (1K) with BOTH the old and new info AND your membership number. Thank you.

If you would like a plain text membership list sorted by call for any reason, it's available here for viewing or download. It will be updated with the newest members at the end of each month.

There is a lookup program that goes with the plain text list courtesy of Dick, K2RFP who writes ham software. You can download it here. Be sure to thank Dick and visit his website to see more of his ham software.

The following members have changed calls since joining the NAQCC:

The following members currently hold (or held) more than one call: