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NAQCC Prize Drawing


We hope you enjoyed the drawing which took place the evening of February 25 starting around 7:30PM EST (0030Z Feb 26), a little later than planned for various reasons. We also hope those of you who won a prize will enjoy it when you receive it within the next two weeks or so. The books and QSL card gift certificates should be put in the mail on Saturday, March 2. The top 3 prize winners' names and addresses were phoned to MFJ on Wednesday February 27 and those prizes will be mailed Thursday morning February 28 directly to the winners from MFJ.

Because of the great success of this special sprint, and depending on the amount of monetary donations we get, we are considering making each of our October anniversary week sprints a special sprint with extra prizes. Of course the number of prizes and their quality will depend on how much money is in our club treasury at the time. The treasury was depleted quite a bit with the purchase of the prizes for this drawing. If you are considering helping us out with a donation, check the bottom of the web site home page for information. Thank you.

Apparently the "live" drawing was very popular. According to our StatCounter web site stats, we had close to a record number of daily hits on our NAQCC web site as follows:
Page loads - 4,541 vs. an average of 472
Unique visits - 1,004 vs. an average of 199
First Time visits - 798 vs. an average of 127
Returning visits - 206 vs. an average of 72


Just wanted to say that I was there/here during the prize drawing. I thought that was an outstanding event. Really liked the process to ID the final winner and show the prize all at the same time. Lots of excitement HI! You all did a great job. Thanks 73 Dick K1IEE (#3966)

Good evening gentlemen, Just a word of appreciation for the superb job with the 100th Sprint Prize Drawing tonight, near-live on the Internet. The suspense was overwhelming here in FL but it was nice to recognize so many of the winning members. A job well done! ...73, ... Don K3RLL #1905 FC7

Big surprise this morning when I opened up my E-mail. I rarely win anything, so winning the 40 meter cub is very cool! Can't wait to play with it! Thanks to all the club officers who came up with this 100th celebration. You can be very proud that NAQCC is doing so well with it's membership. Well over six thousand members with many challenges and fun things to participate in all year long. All the best and see you in our next sprint. "72" de Scotty KG3W (#3758)

pix/pix_prizes_crew (189K)

After the "crew" was assembled as shown above, it was time to let the games.... uh drawings begin. We continued with the live drawings as seen and described below.

Welcome to the prize drawing to determine the winners of the 13 prizes being awarded in conjunction with our 100th NAQCC regular monthly sprint held on February 13 (UTC date) 2013. The drawings will be held in reverse order starting with two 5th place prizes which will be announced along with the two winners. That will be followed by eight 4th place prizes, one 3rd place prize, one 2nd place prize, and finally the grand 1st place prize drawing.

Once again to be eligible for the drawing, you must have been a NAQCC member at the time of the sprint. You must have made at least one QSO with another NAQCC member. You must have submitted your log and report before the deadline. You must have been running QRP (5 watts or less) power in the sprint. Only one prize per member.

The drawing among all eligible members will be a computer drawing supervised by NAQCC Prize Manager Mike KC2EGL, NAQCC President Tom WY3H, and NAQCC Vice-President John K3WWP (L-R in above picture). It will work like this: All eligible participants will be given a number from 1 through 188 (less QRO and non-member participants, and K3WWP, WY3H, and KC2EGL) according to the order in which they are listed on the February sprint results page. Then a random number generator in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program will be set up to generate a number from 1 to 188. The page with the generator will be refreshed several times for each drawing to re-seed the random number generator to insure complete randomness.

Here's a screen dump showing a portion of the Excel spreadsheet. Note the random formula in cell A1 which while taking the screen dump showed #12 in this example.

pix_prizes_excel_screen (153K)

The member whose number from 1 to 188 is chosen will be declared the winner of that particular prize and posted here on this page, and later notified by email. It's as simple as that.

Now let's get to the first drawing after this bit of trivia.

DID YOU KNOW: In our 100 sprints, there have been 94,167 QSOs that were submitted and cross-checked.

Fifth Place Drawings

First fifth place prize winner is: K7EX

Second fifth place prize winner is: WB7EUX

Our fifth place prize is:

pix_prizes_fifth (9K)
A gift certificate for 100 color NAQCC QSL cards from the Cheapqsls company

A little more trivia, then on with the next drawings.

DID YOU KNOW: In our 100 sprints, there have been 6,753 logs submitted for an average of 13.9 QSOs per log.

Fourth Place Drawings

First fourth place prize winner is: KC0PMH

Second fourth place prize winner is: KB0KFX

Third fourth place prize winner is: N1QLL

Fourth fourth place prize winner is: NW2K

Fifth fourth place prize winner is: NQ2W

Sixth fourth place prize winner is: W9GFB

Seventh fourth place prize winner is: K9EYT

Eighth fourth place prize winner is: N3PDT

Our fourth place prize is:

pix_prizes_fourth (13K)
An MFJ book of construction projects

A little more trivia, then on with the next drawings.

DID YOU KNOW: In our 100 sprints, there have been 2,820 DIFFERENT hams participate.

Third Place Drawing

Third place winner is: K8QI

Our third place prize is:

pix_prizes_third (11K)
An MFJ dual time zone digital clock.

A little more trivia, then on with the next drawings.

DID YOU KNOW: In our 100 sprints, hams from all 50 US States plus 9 VE Provinces plus 29 other countries have participated.

Second Place Drawing

Second place winner is: K0CW

Our second place prize is:

pix_prizes_second (11K)
An MFJ Bencher paddle.

A little more trivia, then on with the last drawing.

DID YOU KNOW: 17 members have participated in 50-100 of our sprints: K3WWP KA2KGP W2JEK W2SH KD2MX W9CC WY3H K4NVJ N4FI K4BAI WB8LZG K4JPN NU7T KB3AAG N8XMS NF8M KU4A

First Place Drawing

First place winner is: KG3W

Our first place prize is:

pix_prizes_first (10K)
A completely assembled MFJ Cub 40 meter transceiver.