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About the NAQCC SprintLogger

The NAQCC SprintLogger program was written by Ron, AC2C, as a service to the members of the club.

The program is very similar to the logging software that Ron wrote for the SKCC and anyone familiar with that logger should be able to very quickly master this program as well. It is custom designed to meet the needs of participants in our monthly NAQCC sprints with a format that perfectly supports our sprint exchange. Required membership data for stations worked is automatically filled in by the logger, your sprint score is tracked, and when the sprint is finished the software will produce a properly formatted log report that is ready for submission through our sprint autologger page. The logger has many other great features such as the ability to read or set the VFO-A value on a wide variety of supported rigs and to automatically enter it's value into the log. It can also produce an adif log file, backup log data, and so much more. A careful reading of the documentation listed below will show you just how much this great program can do.

NAQCC Sprintlogger is designed to run on a computer with Windows 7 SP1 or later. (A Mac version is currently in development but there is no estimate on when it might be available.)

NAQCC SprintLogger Support

A special forum has been created on where users of the logger can offer mutual help and support to each other. You should be able to get just about any of your questions answered there and it is strongly recommended that you join this group. Go to the group page to sign up."

You can also find some helpful information about the logger in an article by Jerry, K4KBL, in the January 2018 Newsletter.

NAQCC SprintLogger Downloads

A Quick Start Guide (.pdf) can be read, downloaded, or printed here.

The complete Users Guide (.pdf) can be read, downloaded, or printed here.

The installation zip file can be downloaded here (11.1 MB). Be sure to read the Quick Start Guide before attempting to install the software!